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Pass a National Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day
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Pass a National Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day

    1. Kevin  Weilacher
    2. Petition by

      Kevin Weilacher

      N. Canton, OH

We are trying to raise awareness of a neurological disorder/condition called Transverse Myelitis and hope to ultimately establish a National Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day. We would be most grateful if you would consider passing a resolution for a National Awareness Day. We have been working on and successfully have had passed a Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day in 11 states and would now like to create a National Day so that people in all states may participate. This is a poorly understood and debilitating disorder/condition that currently has no cure. We believe that raising the awareness of TM will be the first step in directing resources to understand it and to assist those who are afflicted with TM.

Recent signatures


    1. Surpassed 3,000 signatures....

      Kevin  Weilacher
      Petition Organizer

      YAY....We have surpassed 3,000 signatures....although there are some bogus ones here..
      Why would someone have to sign it Santa Claus...???
      Nothing better to do with their time I suppose.
      Anyway, let's keep this petition rolling..
      It will be getting submitted again soon....
      Our first attempt wasn't successful....let's keep our fingers crossed.
      I'm not stopping until this is done...!!
      Thanks so much for everyone's support so far...

    2. Reached 3,000 signatures
    3. Thank you everyone that has signed this

      Kevin  Weilacher
      Petition Organizer

      I appreciate you taking the time to sign this petition...
      Hopefully within a couple of months I'll have an answer on how to get this petition passed through the Senate and get a proclamation passed for a National Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day...
      Thanks again....!!!!!

    4. An update for the National Transverse Myelitis Day.....

      Kevin  Weilacher
      Petition Organizer

      A quick shout out to to all of those folks that have signed the petition for the National Transverse Myelitis Day...We are well over 2,000 signatures.....but I would love to see at least 3,000 signatures when we submit this...
      I am planning on submitting the petition about the end of February, so this give us another month to amp this up and get some more signatures.
      I am begging everyone to send this petition out to all of your friends and family and get them to sign it.
      This would be one of the greatest days ever, short of finding a cure for TM, to have a National Transverse Myelitis Day....
      Thanks for everyone that has signed it already, it is very much appreciated....
      Let's keep this ball rolling...!!!
      Thanks so much,

    5. Reached 2,000 signatures
    6. I am soooo HAPPY.....

      Kevin  Weilacher
      Petition Organizer

      We have reached the initial goal of 1,000 names...
      Thank all of you that added your names to this...to support the cause..
      Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...!!!!

    7. Reached 1,000 signatures
    8. We are doing pretty good with this petition...

      Kevin  Weilacher
      Petition Organizer

      As of 9:45 Tuesday July 26th we have 633 names on the petition...
      Thank You, Thank You, Thank You..!!!
      Let's do one final push to get a few more names...I need to try and get this sent in to the Senators soon...
      Thanks again,

    9. Reached 500 signatures
    10. We're still plugging away...but we need more signatures

      Kevin  Weilacher
      Petition Organizer

      He everyone...
      Thanks so much for signing the petition for a National Transverse Myelitis Day...
      Just now as I check...it's 7:30pm Friday evening and we have 426 names...
      Not too shabby considering.....
      But we need more names...... Please...

    11. Reached 250 signatures
    12. We have over 200 signatures now

      Kevin  Weilacher
      Petition Organizer

      Keep 'em coming..we'll need more to make an impression...

      Also, visit the International Disability Coalition website for any other new news.

    13. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Dwayne Roth GILBERT, MN
      • about 3 years ago

      This is for Kris O. & all the people who have T.M.

    • Angelia Kowalkowski ACKLEY, IA
      • about 3 years ago

      My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago this month, and is still in pain everyday. None of the medications that have been tried on him have worked, except vicodin, which no 1 will prescribe for him because it's a narcotic with a bad name. I'm just glad that he was 1 of the lucky ones, and his paralysis was only temporary! Thank u for this!

    • Lyn Philips FRISCO, CO
      • about 3 years ago

      This is for all that suffer

    • Julissa Barco LA BLACNA, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      On the day that I first experienced TM symptoms, I was accused of being a drug addict, even after a drug test and was released from the ER with the assumption that I was I was purposely making myself sick (who purposely wants to be paralyzed?) This was in July 1999. If there was more awareness it would then prompt more research which will prevent someone else being misdiagnosed. No one willing wants to lose control over there body. Thank you to Kevin Weilacher for starting this.

    • Judy Pace LEWISVILLE, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      Please make this terrible disease more known, pray for a cure and make a positive change for everyone.


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