Overturn the SCOTUS Anti-Fourth Amendment Strip-Search Ruling
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Overturn the SCOTUS Anti-Fourth Amendment Strip-Search Ruling

    1. Alfredo 'Al' Nava
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      Alfredo 'Al' Nava

      Turlock, CA

The Supreme Court of the United States thinks you need to be strip-searched. In a five to four ruling, the high court said jails have a right to give any new detainees an invasive strip search no matter how minor the criminal offense was. That means even people who committed minor crimes like forgetting to pay a parking ticket or jay-walking during an Occupy rally will be stripped naked and viewed and poked by cops.

The Supreme Court took judicial activism to new levels with the Citizens United decision, and they've done it again here. Do not allow the Court to exercise obviously corrupted political and legislative power. This is just the latest ruling by a Supreme Court that has far too much power in our Democracy. Now, we need a Constitutional amendment to correct this unconstitutional ruling by the SCOTUS.

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    • Sonia Soto BRONX, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I think the police have enough weapons, they don't need to add degradation and humiliation to the arsenal.


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