Make an official ribbon for Trichotillomania.
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Make an official ribbon for Trichotillomania.

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      New York City, NY

August 2013


From Petition Organizer: recieved the emails and added the ribbon to their store.

Trichotillomania is a disorder that causes people to pull out their own hair, with no known cause or cure. It has been diagnosed in an estimated three percent of the world, but likely affects many more than that.

Getting awareness of this disorder out there can help us find a cure. An official ribbon will go a long way in helping raise awareness.

This has been the ribbon that many of us have used for exactly one year (as of last year's Trichotillomania Awareness Week). It has still not been recognized as the official ribbon. The colors are Blue, with an Orange trim and 312.39 in silver/white on one of the tails.  It may not seem eye catching but there is deep meaning behind the colors. A year ago during last year's National Trichotillomania Awareness Week we all pitched ideas for the colors and this was the most popular based on the meaning. It has been the ribbon we have used for a year now and we all agree it is still perfect and does not need changing.

Orange trim: This is because Trichotillomania currently falls under the Self-Harm ribbon along with skin picking/biting and nail biting. We do not consider trich to be self-harm but the orange must still be a part of ribbon so we do not forget our "Sister Disorders" Dermotillomania/Dermotophagia and Onychophagia. Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors all fall under the orange ribbon; though Trichotillomania is different and should be given a different ribbon.

Blue: The color blue in Awareness ribbons usually symbolizes hair loss such as Alopecia or such caused from cancer. It also stands for addictions which shouts out to the addictive and OCD nature of trich. Blue also stands for childhood bullying; so many of us have parents who do not understand, colleagues that have made fun of our bald patches, and even some of us arrested for suspicion of insanity. The finaly reason why we all agree that blue is an important component is that the Trichotillomania Awareness bracelet sold by is blue; that bracelet has been ALL we have had up until this point.

Lastly, the numbers. The 312.39 in silver/white is the medical diagnoses code showing that this is REAL and must be studied. It shows that it is diagnosable and needs a treatment found. Silver usually represents anxiety disorders and mental disorders in general so it is important that it is that color.

It is important that these colors become official since this ribbon has meant so much to us for the past year, even if all we could do is print it out or put it in our profile pictures. People need to know we have a ribbon. It needs to be recognized.

Thank you for this consideration. It would mean a great step forward for Trich to have a ribbon.

Please help us get more awareness for this disorder, and eventually, the cure.

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      TLC made our ribbon official:

      Thank you all for signing!

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      I added the definition of the colors and their meanings in the petition.

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      The admins of the Trichotillomania Learning Center Facebook page have said that they are passing the petition on to the TLC Staff!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jenne Schrader LAS VEGAS, NV
      • about 1 year ago

      We now have a ribbon. You can buy it at TLC!

    • Katie Hanna EDMONTON, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      Supporting my daughter.

    • Ken Nilsson SPRUCE GROVE, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      I have a friend with this affliction..

      • about 1 year ago

      I have watched my wonderful niece deal with this issue throughout her life. She, and others like her, deserve support !

    • Chelsea Haverstock EDMONTON, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      Friends daughter has this condition.


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