Recuse Justice's Allen P. Rubine and Michael A. Silverstein.
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Recuse Justice's Allen P. Rubine and Michael A. Silverstein.

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      D L

      Fellsmere, FL

     Foreclosure Fraud is rampant in the State of Rhode Island and must not continue.

     If Justice’s Rubine and Silverstein insist on welcoming bankers and lawyers with open arms into the Rhode Island Superior Court adopting a rubbery theory of “indebtedness” as opposed to long standing state statutes that indenture the process in which foreclosures shall be conducted, they simply must be removed from the bench.

     It is impossible to know what guides their thinking, but if they are justifying their quixotic endeavor to protect the banks based on a cock-eyed and economically pragmatic concept of equity they are unwittingly defeating their own ill-conceived objective.

     The practice of using Rhode Islanders as economic pinballs by the financial Leviathans that now stride this earth must come to an end. The excuses made for enterprises that are “Too Big To Fail” have become “Too Big To Believe”. It must come to an end.

     This Judicial pandemonium must stop. This Court should not be used as a laundromat to wash away lies then starch and press our citizens.

     If the Court is incapable of marshaling itself, it then becomes the duty of the State General Assembly to step in and fix this problem. We do not require new laws here, but it must be affirmed our present laws are not recommendations or suggestions that can be ignored based on flimsy moral hazard assumptions.

     Nor would it be helpful, as stated above, to alter the laws in favor of these banks. It is certain the General Assembly will be pressured and lobbied by these moneyed interests. It therefore becomes the duty of the citizens of the state to remove from office those who would do their bidding.

      I do not believe, and further assert, that a logical argument can be made as to why Justice Allen P. Rubine and Justice Michael A. Silverstein are suitably competent to hear foreclosure cases because quite simply there is none.

     The entire Open Letter can be read at the link below.

An Open Letter to the State of Rhode Island Superior Court June 9 2012 Regarding Foreclosure Fraud


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      Please share this link with others who may have similar concerns. This petition will remain open for as long as necessary. The entire Open Letter can be read at the link below.

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    • Bizarre Bazaar PLATTSBURGH, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      If the federal government can bail out big corporations it can bail out the common people. Bailing out the little guy makes much more sense. Because the corporations get bailed out and still go after the debts. The little guy pays his debts off.

    • Katherine Cherry LOVELAND, UNITED STATES
      • over 1 year ago

      NO MORE JUDICIAL LAUNDRAMATS, said the people!

    • Brian Cuddy WEST WARWICK, RI
      • over 1 year ago

      Because they have been allowing lenders (banks) to take unfair advantage of borrowers (homeowners) which has led to the breakdown of many communities in RI

    • Scarlett Roger TAMPA, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      STOP THE FRAUD!!!!

    • John Haible ARLINGTON, MA
      • almost 2 years ago

      If one knows the REALITES that acts of usurpation of established law and the of organizations like MERS that have cheated our municipalities out of millions of dollars while they throw homeowners out of their houses - and for WHAT ! is this outrage. Picture the Kitchen Table where a child can sit no more before dinner doing her homework and her parents are stressed beyond the pale while Laws are trounced in favor of the corruption of our Courts ( Justive Rubine, take a bow) You are 12 for 12 in favor MERS which is an orgazation that has been declared an ILLEGAL! and land title corrupting entity in other more intellectually gifted courts around the country than yours.


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