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The State of Maryland: Make it a criminal offense to ignore Court Ordered Child Support payments.

    1. michelle wayerski
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      michelle wayerski

      st marys, GA

While thousands of Maryland citizens have become another statistic of todays economic downfall, the hardest hit are single mothers who desperately rely on their court ordered child support payments, through Maryland Child Support Enforcement. Although, responsible, and caring Fathers do their due diligence, and go thru the proper channels to modify their child support, and provide the supporting documents to show any significant financial changes, it is those who just dont want to pay anything to support their children, and will do everything possible to get away with not paying. These are repeat offenders, and by Maryland Law, can not be criminally punished for it, nor can Child Support Enforcement go after them, if they make even a small payment, but not what has been court ordered. This leads to astronomical arrears that could never be paid, and the children living in unneccessary empoverished conditions, all the while their Fathers are living "high on the hog" knowing that Maryland Laws allows this behavior, and turns a blind eye to these repeat offenders. Tell the Government of the State of Maryland to finally take a stand against this abuse of the system, and start upholding Child Support Court Orders by making it a criminal offense for repeat offenders in Contempt of these Court Orders, if they are more than one month in arrears, not just behind in child support payments, and that it is unacceptable and criminal to let any father to be in arrears for $25,000.00 and more, as so many in Maryland are. There is NO Excuse!

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    • Jennifer Gray CROFTON, MD
      • almost 2 years ago

      Hundreds of people ignore child support payments because the penalties are not severe enough to cause them to care. Why should the children suffer for the parent's mistake?

    • Richard Schoenfelder BRISTOW, VA
      • about 2 years ago

      Because there are too many mothers and children left high and dry !!!


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