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The State Must Involve Stakeholders Before Closing NWGRH

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      National Alliance on Mental Illness - Rome

The announcement on January 13 that Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital will close on June 30 shocked not only the employees of the hospital but just about everyone else in the Rome area.  No one knew that closure was being considered.  Some conjected that United States Department of Justice and State of Georgia settlement (October 2010) dictated closing state hospitals.  This was a wrong assumption.  Other rumors surfaced--budget considerations, ample community-based services already exist in Region 1 (31-counties in north Georgia), etc.  As of the posting of this petition (February 5), no concrete answer has been offered. 

The settlement lists many new community-based services that are to be in place prior to the hospital closure.  While these new programs have been sought by mental health advocates for years, it is questionable that they can be fielded before closing hospital beds.  Simply, there has been little to no community input as to the location of these new services. 

Advocates fear that there will still be long waits in emergency rooms before finding a bed for individuals in crisis and that local jails will still house individuals with mental illnesses because they were unable to access quality community-based services.  The are leary about the state providing "real" supportive employment and supportive housing.  Past history predicts future actions.  Therefore, advocates, families, and consumers of mental health services must be convinced that anything "new" will truly work.  We feel that by signing this petition, our voice of concern will be expressed to those this petition addresses.

Please sign and let others know how important it is.

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    • Shirley Nickless MAUK, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      I worked as a nurse at NWGRH for about 5 years, and I know firsthand the need for this hospital. There are so many served from the surrounding region at this facility, where would these go if this hospital closed? PLEASE do not close this hospital!

    • Jeanette Cogdell DOUGLASVILLE, GA, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      Mental Illness is a VERY serious issue. We need to have as many facilities available to us as needed. We "have" to stop throwing these people into the street when they find they have no place to go and their families can't take care of them. They don't choose to have this illness and we need to help solve the problem instead of adding to it by tossing them aside.

    • Thomas Pulliam CARTERSVILLE, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      I worked at NWGRH for 3yrs MANY clients were helped there including friends. That hospital is a staple of our community. There are many people helped there that CAN NOT be properly helped int eh community. This will put a huge burden on local law enforcements making them a glorified taxi service and in some cases putting the community in danger

    • madeline pitts CARTERSVILLE, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      I worked at nwgrh for over a year. These residents need 24 hour care. they will not receive the care they need if they are put out in the community. It takes specially trained people to deal with them.not only is it dangerous for them but it is dangerous for the community.

    • Barbara Monday ROME, GA
      • over 3 years ago

      I am a parent of an adult with developmental disabilities (age 35 yrs.) who is living at home with me. As the clients with DD are moving out of NWGRH and into the community it is reducing the availability of services & funding for those like my son and others who are transitioning from high schools each year. I am also the director of a local group, DIGS, Inc. which was formed in 2004 due to the lack of services in the Rome/Floyd County area. We are aware of the intense animosity in our community towards personal care homes within neighborhoods. It appears that much work needs to be done to provide housing and day services for all our adults with DD. The community at large is definitely not ready to accept them as neighbors. How are you including interested groups and parents in your decision making and planning for the future? Are you really sure you can accomplish all this by June???


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