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stop breeding

    1. Megan Delisio
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      Megan Delisio

      Valparaiso, IN

Every day thousands of dogs, cats and horses are murdered. I feel that for the next four years NO ONE should be allowed to breed these animals. If you go to the shelter, 8 out of every 10 animals in there will be murdered. I understand people love their pets and would like one of their offspring, but for everyone new life brought into this world, 10 are killed. There are plenty of beautiful dogs and cats of all ages at the shelters needing homes. People want puppies so they can raise them how they want. Guess what, any dog can be trained at any age. Shelter animals make the most loveable and loyal companion you can ever ask for, they are so grateful to be out of that environment. Horses are being let lose to roam free and fend for themselves because people can no longer afford them, so why reproduce? Puppy mills need to be shut down completely. It's common sense, if no new lives are brought into this world, the ones of death row will be adopted.

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