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The Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia

Break up the Woolworths/Coles duopoly

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      Tony Flynn

      Gunning, Australia

To increase competition, to force the duopoly to deliver fair prices to manufacturers and farmers, to allow customers to choose what brands they will buy, to reduce illusory fuel-price manipulation through discounting that is subsidised by lower income and non-car owning people and prohibit the ownership of poker machines by the duopoly.

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      • over 2 years ago

      The Duopoloy is destroying Australian food production by either forcing suppliers to sell at unsustanable prices or simply choosing not to stock certain products.Their claim that "it's what consumers want" is a complete fabrication.Consumers are accepting these "home brand" goods through lack of choice, preditory pricing or simple lack of availability of the brands they have traditionally used.The use of similar labelling of own brands to the label of traditional products and then positioning of these in prime shelf locations fomerly occupied by the traditional brands is designed to confuse consumers and have them buy the own brands ahead of the traditional thereby making a case for "consumers are demanding this"If Australia hopes to keep any food supply or manufacturing this must be stopped.


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