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Stop HB 119

    1. Katherine Kelly
    2. Petition by

      Katherine Kelly

      Gulf Breeze, FL

House Bill 119 does nothing to directly attack PIP fraud or reduce costs. The bill eliminates consumers right to choose their doctors, eliminates the most cost-effective/conservative forms of healthcare (chiropractic, acupuncture, massage), and forces injured parties into the most expensive healthcare arena (emergency rooms).

Stand-up for consumers rights and VOTE NO on HOUSE BILL 119 or any piece of legislation limiting consumers rights to equal access among health care providers.
Floridians are required by law to purchase car insurance with personal injury protection (PIP) to cover medical expenses in the event of an accident. House Bill 119 (HB 119), sponsored by Rep. Jim Boyd and supported by Gov. Rick Scott, seeks to "reform" PIP insurance and will limit consumers’ right to choose their doctors. HB 119 requires every person injured in a car accident to be seen by ER physicians within 72 hours of their accident and eliminates access to conservative, drug-free, cost-effective treatment by chiropractic physicians, acupuncturists, and massage therapists.

Despite strong objections by the provider community, attorneys and consumer groups, HB 119 has passed every House sub-committee on PIP/No-Fault reform on a straight party-line vote. In addition to overwhelming already overburdened emergency rooms, injured parties will suffer with limited treatment options, increased pain medication use, high medical bills from ER visits, and difficulty finding legal representation for those with permanent injuries.

We're calling on Governor Rick Scott (a former hospital executive), Rep. Boyd (an insurance agent by profession), and the members of the Florida State Legislature to stand-up for consumers rights and VOTE NO on HOUSE BILL 119 or any piece of legislation limiting consumers rights to equal access among health care providers.

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    • jennifer wood FORT MYERS, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      My husband is a chiropractor and believes in his is whole heart that chiropractic works as it worked for himself at the age of 16 after a car accident. He also; as I do think that we the people should have a right to pick our doctors not have it governed by the government. He is a sole provider of are family and the government wants to take his job and food from our children's mouth, forget the fact all the money and education that Chiropractors put into there career. STOP HB 119. PLEASE PRESIDENT OBAMA.

    • J Michael Lemus TAVERNIER, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      A new Law is sitting on Gov. Rick Scott’s desk waiting to be sign or better yet to be VETO.

      Floridian “PIP, Personal Insurance Protection” are about to be limited; ask Gov. Scott to VETO.

      Please request the petition at petition@againsthb119.com copy and paste this petition not only from your email but to all social media outlets and email database to spread the word. Please help us reach as many Floridians as possible before May 5, 2012.

      Thank you for your time

      Dr. J. Michael Lemus

      • over 2 years ago

      I want the freedom to choose my care , I legally have to have auto Insurance in Florida- that is where the control should end.

    • Amanda Stone RICHMOND, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      as a LMT the biggest complaint I get is that insurance companies won't cover massage, I often have to fight for clients even with workmans comp, Passing bills like this continues to make it difficult for people to get the treatment they need. And continues to reinforce the idea that Chiropractors, LMTs, and Acupuncturist aren't really medical professionals.

    • Rachael Noell CORBIN, KY
      • over 2 years ago

      Our Nation is plagued with an epidemic of prescription drug abuse. Pills are not the answer. Alternative treatments are. Emergency room Treatments plus a ride in the ambulance are extremely costly and the truth is they don't do much unless you are on deaths door.


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