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Replace our current patent system with something that works for innovation

    1. Damien Raine
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      Damien Raine

      Milwaukee, WI

Recently there have been a string of patent lawsuits against multiple companies that make and sell smartphones and even applications for smartphones, unlike what people who are proponents for the current system say, this is actually hurting innovation within the realm of mobile technology. This petition Is here to actually change the way the patent system works, and also end the vague patents that do get rewarded to companies, like how to unlock your phone or a patent on how to search from your phone in a unified way.

Those are only just small examples of how the current patent system actually hurts innovation. There are plenty of other examples out there.

So please stand with me and let's tell Congress that they need to update the current system or replace it with something that will actually encourage innovation and not stifle it.

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