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Modify the Public Sex Offender Registry

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      Citizens for Legislative Change, America

Almost 800,000 American Citizens Marked for Excommunication

Hundreds of Thousands of men, women and children who are NO threat to society have been marked excommunicated from society at the expense of tax payers due to having been placed upon a public sex offender registry.

Rapist, Child Molester, Danger to  Your Children?

If you see that a Sex Offender has moved into your neighborhood, would you not want to know for sure, THIS PERSON IS VERY DANGEROUS to my family. Presently, this is NOT the case. Presently, the registry is filled with people who have NEVER even touched a child or any other living thing inappropriately. This needs to change. The registry needs to be modified to ONLY show those who are in the community who are a Threat to you or your famliy.

Professional Evaluations to Determine the Dangerousness to Society Never Done on Most on the Registry

All of this with no real evaluation to determine if they are in fact a danger / threat to the safety and well-being of the nation.

The public registry needs to be modified in a way which will show only the true threats to society. Presently, professional studies have shown only approximately 10 percent of all who are on the registry, (7500 out of over 750,000) actually present a danger for recidivism.


The collateral damage to the innocent children and spouses of a family member who is on the registry is exactly the same as being on the registry themselves.

Total excommunication from society, work and housing. Many children of ex offenders are bullied and beaten at school or in their communites. Some have even committed suicide due strictly because their parent is on the registry and the stigma applied to them associated with the public shaming of their parent.


Many of the laws are applied for 25 years or lifetime leaving no reason for the person to ever go on and lead a productive life.. as they have been branded for life. Excommunicated from Jobs, Rental Housing and just about anywhere to live due to residency restrictions.

With 95% of the people who are on the public registry never to recidivate, one of my questions is this; Why do we, the tax payers keep supporting the billions of tax dollars being spent on having 700,000 men, women and children on the registry who pose no threat of recidivating? Another question, why do we keep paying for their medical, dental insurance, food stamps, housing, utilities.. as most of these people are on welfare due to NOT being able to get a job..directly related to the stigma of the public registry.

This is THE LARGEST human rights violation perpetrated by the United States Government in our generation. Citizens for Change, America http://www.cfcamerica.org

I say, keep the public registry, but remove all who pose no threat to socitety and make a way for a person to earn their way off the registry.

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    • Levi Dempsey RAVENNA, MI
      • 10 months ago

      My children have been affected and harmed by these draconian laws.

    • Amanda Swails HAYWARD, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      It just seems to go against civil rights to serve time for a crime then have to spend more time being punished.

    • Catherine Calhoun GRANTS PASS, OR
      • almost 3 years ago

      I have a close friend who was in prison for raping a woman he did not rape, it was consentual sex. He was found innocent in the first trial, then Gloria A.refiled against him. because the woman told her boyfriend that she was raped. Of course he did not receive a fair trial, he got railroaded. Since then it has been a nightmare, not being able to have visitation with his children, being labled as a pervert. He has a clean record, and this incident has practially distroyed his life. I certainly do hope that there is some reform done to this law. He is a good person, who paid a price for something he didnt do. This all happened back in the 1970's.

    • Danielle Salvucci NEWARK, DE
      • about 3 years ago

      My husband is a RSO and has been since he was 15! he never touched, reoved clothes , or anything of the sort. His father a drunk and his mother already passed, he was given a public defender in the state of DE and was told ... Just agree to a plea of guilty to get this over with and we will remove it in 1o years... (After hours/days of no contact of his father and having to sit in a room and be badgerd and so on) at 15 he was scared out of his mind and did what they told him to do. Now 30 he is still on the registry and has been denied the ability to be removed. Our lives are horrible and there seems to be no hope. Please we need change!

    • Judith Nelson MC ADENVILLE, NC
      • about 3 years ago

      the sex offender registry was for children not for men and women or older boys and girls who say rape,it was set up for children like Adam Walsh,now look what is going on ,please Modify,thank you


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