Let Raul Velazquez Come Home
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Let Raul Velazquez Come Home

    1. Elizabeth Velazquez
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      Elizabeth Velazquez

      Surprise, AZ

My husband Raul has been going through the process to gain his permanent residency. He was brought here when he was 2 years old and his family was misinformed about his eligibility to receive his residency and citizenship as a child. We got married January of 2011 and have been doing the right thing to make sure he is here legally since. We were just told that we "did not provide enough evidence of hardship" and will have to wait a year for him to come home. This is more difficult than I could ever express, were it not for my mom and dad I would be homeless and jobless right now. I have a job in Texas I am moving to take and the company was holding a job for Raul as well. Now that the government will not let him come home I don't know how I am going to afford to live because the job I am taking will not pay enough to pay all my bills. If they do not allow him to come home I might very well end up homeless.

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