Legalize Marijuana for ALL people
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Legalize Marijuana for ALL people

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      Randy Pillion

      Edgewood, MD

Well it's been the #1 Cash crop for MANY MANY years. We can overcome a great deal of debt doing this. And seems to me, only ones profiting on "pot" is the "Drug dealers, Gangs, etc. I would rather grom my own! And you can Tax it! Etc..And why not? Because IT IS the #1 cash crop, you don't think  "Big" brother doesn't know this AND has their hand in it, LOL, Don't let them win, sign..thank you

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    • Randy Pillion EDGEWOOD, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      A Reason? Hows this...Too many courts, and jails, etc. are being filled with "pot" smokers, growers, and sellers. And THIS is America, so WHY in California is it a totally different view point on it?And a few other states... I mean it's So obvious WHY they don't legalize it. This has become a HUGE JOKE! And Only YOU can stop this...ignorance, I mean, wow, lol, how INANE


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