Keep horse slaughter illegal in the US!
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Keep horse slaughter illegal in the US!

    1. William  Boyles
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      William Boyles

      Athens, AL

Imagine when you get old or disabled and unable to work or even just plain healthy you get shipped off to be killed and sold to places to be eaten. Doesn't sound so good does it? It definitely doesn't sound good to a horse! Congress and Obama was decided to lift the ban and are going to make it okay to open slaughter houses in the US. I'm not sure about you but this definitely doesn't sound like a good idea. Many horses that are unable to work or get to old are shipped to other countries these days to get slaughter and killed for their meat. Most of the times horses are semi-conscious when they are slaughtered!  These animals are the symbols of the old west and are wonderful pets! They helped build our great country! I’m asking for people to sign this and keep the slaughter of horses illegal in the US and ban the export of live horses to other countries, because me personally I do not want to waste our tax dollars on funding horse slaughtering houses! Live horses are shipped to other countries 24/7 to be slaughtered and this needs to stop. Help ban the export of live horses to other countries for slaughter!

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      William  Boyles
      Petition Organizer

      Thx everybody for ur support! i don't see any reason why somebody shouldn't sign this and don't forget to sign other peoples petition! thanks again everybody!

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      William  Boyles
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      I'm so excited that in just two days there is already 100 signatures reached. Thanks everybody for the support and keep spreading the word!

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    • Sara Williams CHERRY VALLEY, CA
      • 10 months ago

      Americans view these animals as pets, not meat!

    • Rochelle Appleton KEMPTON PARK, SOUTH AFRICA
      • 11 months ago


      • 11 months ago


      Gli "illuminati"quelli che controllano il mondo,ci fanno mangiare gli animali e gli ogm per distruggere la nostra biologia,per indurci poi a curarci con i farmaci,mangiare animali equivale ad un rito sacrificale globale di sangue.

    • Claudia Daigle SANTA FE, NM
      • 12 months ago

      These beautiful animals are our workers, competitors, companions, and pets. They are not to be slaughtered and eaten. They are given drugs that are dangerous to human consumption and these facilities only bring sadness and expensive trouble to communities. Taxpayers subsidize them at $500,00/yr per facility just for inspections. They don't pay taxes because the meat is shipped to Japan. They cause environmental violations to our groundwater and now the EU doesn't want them because their meat is adulterated and has gotten into their food chain. It is a barbaric, horrific, and inhumane practice and must be banned once and for all in the United States as well as the transport in any way of our equines across our borders. Stop the BLM roundups and REPEAL the Burns Amendment which is also rounding up and killing the people's iconic wild horses and burros that we entrusted to our BLM to protect and they are killing them off to extinction for fracking, cattle, and mining interests. Stop this now.

    • Barb Knight CANDLER, NC
      • 12 months ago

      President Obama, I urge you, please keep horse slaughter illegal in the U.S. These sweet, beautiful, innocents have done nothing but come to our aide when we are in peral!


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