Animals Have Feelings Too!
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Stop Extended & Cuel Animal Caging!
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Animals Have Feelings Too!

    1. Let's be free! Pennsylvania
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      Let's be free! Pennsylvania

      Wellsville, PA

This is so extremely important because animals have feelings too!

Please ask Congress to make it illegal in United States to have a pet animal caged and kept cruely caged for extended times without any time to run or feel free!

This is most directed to people that cage dogs and cats continuously without any free run time!

Every dog or cat should have some free time daily or at least weekly for exercise and overall sense of well being!

look at this picture of an actual cruel dog caging that occurs in Wellsville Pennsylvania!  The dog never ever is out of it's cage and is fed by throwing the food the the same mud and poop mixture!

This can be seen throughout the United States!


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