Low cost 2nd President Inauguration Ceremony.
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Low cost 2nd President Inauguration Ceremony.

    1. Joel Marcovitch
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      Joel Marcovitch

      Sylvania, OH

The first time President Obama was elected, he had a well-deserved, historic Inauguration Ceremony. It cost the tax payer $170M (According to Scott Mayerowitz ABC NEWS Business Unit - Jan 19th 2009) However this time, I believe that tax payer money can be spent in a more meaningful way. A boost for student scholarships, more money allocated to public sector workers and after school programs etc. I urge President Obama to have a low-key event, which we can all watch via TV. Maybe it can be the President and his family with a Chief Justice in the Oval office and then back to work in the afternoon. It should be business as usual and by doing it this way the 2nd inauguration will be historic in its own right and send a powerful message to the American People.

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    • Jason Schulweis NEW YORK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I believe this is a smart, logical, rational and reasonable idea.

    • Matthew eddy OAK PARK, MI
      • almost 2 years ago

      This seems like a good way to reach across the aisle and let people know that he is serious about cutting spending.


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