Bring Stan Van Gundy back to the Orlando Magic
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Bring Stan Van Gundy back to the Orlando Magic

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Stan Van Gundy is the greatest coach in Orlando Magic history.  Orlando just fired a coach who never missed the playoffs in his seven full seasons and had a .627 overall winning percentage just to appease a petulant, wishy-washy All-Star.

It would be great if an online petition could bring Stan back as head coach of the Magic but let's face it, it's not going to happen.  Stan is not coming back.  But I hope that many of you will sign this petition as a show of support for a man that we all respected and admired.

Stan, we wish you the best and if it were up to us, the fans, we would bring you back in a heartbeat!


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    • Matthew Bryant EDGEWATER, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Rather have Stan over Dwight any day


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