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The Opposition of Mr. Clank: Show of Support

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This Petition is to support access for my son's service dog, so that he can accompany my son to school.  I have worked withthe school for over a year, and their position is that they do not have to permit access to the dog because the dog mitigates a disability, but does not directly enhance Jonah's educational experience.  I disagree, and respectfully ask that Board officials carefully consider the ADAA, the best interests of the child, and best practices for inclusion in reaching a positive decision in this matter.  Below is an open letter to potential supporters.

Judy Kintner


This rally is to quietly, positively and powerfully let the Yellow Springs School Board 
know that while it may be POSSIBLE to deny Jonah the right to have his Service 
Dog accompany him to school, it is both RIGHT and JUST to find a way to make this 
happen for a child who has STRUGGLED and WORKED SO HARD to be a student, and 
who will CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE for much of his life just to do what the rest of us 
consider normal: sit still. Read. Think in a linear and logical manner. Follow and 
understand social interactions and learn from experience—this list could go on for a 
long time.

A Service Dog is required to be accommodated in ANY PUBLIC SETTING. A school, 
unlike all other settings, can WRITE THE CHILD’S IEP IN SUCH A WAY that the 
Service Dog is considered unnecessary because his function is superseded by other 

In Jonah’s case, this means that fidgets, a yoga ball, a weighted vest, an intervention 
specialist who will let him rest while she reads to him are, in part, in the opinion of 
the IEP team, things that make the dog unnecessary.

My stance for over a year since the conversation with the IEP team, Principal and 
Superintendent (and their lawyer, I am to understand) began, has been this: Every 
study done regarding the use of Service Dogs in school has shown a highly positive 
outcome not only for the child being directly served, but for the classroom as a 

My argument to the IEP team has been this: the dog provides an interactive, mobile 
sensory diet to Jonah. He is able with the dog to determine what his sensory needs 
are at any given moment (deep pressure, a comforting paw, a transitional object) 
and to engage the dog accordingly. This is less stigmatizing than an adult aide who 
might provide the weighted vest or the comfort. 

Will Jonah still benefit from the excellent intervention services he now receives? 
Of course he will. Jonah has consistently received outstanding services at Mills 
Lawn School, and I in NO WAY question the integrity or professional capacity of 
his teachers or intervention professionals. I simply request the ability to ADD TO 
JONAH’S TOOLBOX OF SUPPORTS this highly trained Service Dog. 

Problem: Jonah and Clank’s bond suffers from a 7 hour a day, 5 day a week 
separation. They need to spend as much time as possible together for Clank to best 
interpret and anticipate and respond to Jonah’s needs. This dog and this boy need 
to be together. Please make a sign, sign the online petition, write a letter to the YS News or the School Board or show up at 6:30 on Thursday and help this boy and his dog open Mills Lawn’s doors to TRULY FEARLESS THINKING.

U.S. House of Representatives
Uphold the ADAA! Please encourage Yellow Springs school officials to live their motto to be "Fearless Thinkers": Permit Access to my son's Certified Service Dog.

Sincerely, Judy Kintner

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    • Adalyn Watts HAPEVILLE, GA
      • 3 months ago

      Service dogs matter.

    • Suzanne Clegg LYNBROOK, NY
      • 5 months ago

      I take my dog to work and it helps me and everyone the dog wags her tail at. Dogs keep us human.

    • Julia Sayre PHOENIX, AZ
      • 8 months ago

      How dare you feel you can supercede laws that allow a Service Dog in any public setting? Why are you so set on denying a child his best chance to achieve? Let the boy bring his Service Dog whereever he goes.

    • Cathay Gunn SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • 8 months ago

      I worked for several years as a learning specialist with the elementary grades. I wish now that a couple of my students with similar disabilities had access to this type of service dog aid during the school day. What a difference it can make in allowing him to learn!

    • Linda Martucci WESTBURY, NY
      • 8 months ago

      If a child needs a service dog she/he should be allowed to have one in school.


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