Remove Judge Laura Drager from the bench.
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Remove Judge Laura Drager from the bench.

    1. We Deserve Justice
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      We Deserve Justice

      New York, NY

Judge Laura Drager

1 - does not apply the law impartially or consistently

2 - does not enforce court orders

3 - does not address conflicts of interest

4 - ignores threats of domestic violence.

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    1. Divorce Corp, the movie.

      We Deserve Justice
      Petition Organizer

      See the movie. It is time for change.

      The Film

      This is a phenomenal expose on the realities of the family law system in this country. These injustices are rampant in our system and children and families are being destroyed daily. Parents have constitutional rights that are wholesale being violated on a daily basis.

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    3. Do conflicts of interest apply to Ms. Bryant?

      We Deserve Justice
      Petition Organizer

      Ms. Bryant was given the unusual task of being cced on emails between my husband and myself. Shortly thereafter, the custody decision is issued giving my husband the majority of the decision-making for the children despite my being the stay-at-home mother. Bryant goes on maternity leave, she comes back and begins working for Felder.

      I was pro se for 6 months since Judge Drager would not give me legal fees despite being the non-monied spouse and the law being clear that I am entitled to equal legal fees. After making a motion for Drager and Felder to recuse themselves due to apparent conflict of interest, I am awarded legal fees. I was told that my new attorney should make the recusal motion knowing that an attorney who regularly appears before her will not. No one recused themselves.

      Judge Drager did not award me legal fees for an attorney to represent me against my former attorney. How am I now capable of representing myself?

      About Anne Peyton Bryant, Esq. New York Divorce Attorney | Anne Peyton Bryant, Esq. on

      Anne Peyton Bryant, Esq. Having worked for and learned from the best (Hon. Laura Drager, and Raoul Felder, Esq.), Ms. Bryant is a leader in the new generation of matrimonial lawyers.

    4. A tragic story...

      We Deserve Justice
      Petition Organizer
      The Final, Tragic Days of Steve Koufakis

      NEW YORK - Late in the afternoon of Monday, June 21, 48-year-old Steve Koufakis was alone with his thoughts and his conscience, God, and his inner demons on the George Washington Bridge.

    5. When did being a stay-at-home mother become a crime in NYS?

      We Deserve Justice
      Petition Organizer

      Is this why Judge Drager appears to hate women who are stay-at-home mothers?

      "Her mother was determined that her three daughters would have careers." Read the announcement to see what her father did to her sister. Are we all being punished for her father's behavior?

      Sharon Drager and Wyit Wright

      WHEN 16-year-old Sharon Beth Drager plopped herself down on a bench next to Wyit David Wright, an intense 17-year-old, they began a conversation that with a three-decade interruption would last nearly a lifetime. It was the summer of 1962, and they were attending a National Science Foundation camp for gifted young scientists at Brown University.

    6. Judge Drager ignores conflicts of interest.

      We Deserve Justice
      Petition Organizer

      Judge Drager ignores conflicts of interest. Margery Greenberg was the children's attorney. Raoul Felder represented the father. Ms. Greenberg contributed to Mr. Felder's book. At no time was my attorney or I advised.

      No wonder she advocated for the father to have decision-making over the children's objections despite the father calling his daughter the C-word, threatening his daughter and ignoring tapes of his horrific behavior. She told the court our daughter was impaired and that her opinion should be substituted for our daughter's opinion. That our daughter should be institutionalized and was suicidal with zero medical documentation. Upon information and belief, she billed over $300,00. She refused to provide me copies of her bills.

      The Good Divorce

      Raoul Felder, a take-no-prisoners divorce attorney, draws from his experience to show readers how to avoid an acrimonious divorce and move on with life There is nothing better than a good marriage. But when a marriage goes bad, there is no better option than divorce to give men and women a chance to start over.

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    Reasons for signing

      • 26 days ago

      Does not make fair decisions.

    • Beverly Loveless SUNNYVALE, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      There is no place for Judges in our system that can not stand up for victims within the law

    • Mayra Larios NEW YORK, NY
      • about 1 month ago

      To those of you who are in denial or ignorant of how corrupt the American court system is, especially in New York, do yourself, your family, your friends and your community a favor by taking the time to read “The Murder of Sunny Sheu” which includes supporting documents and written by William Galison ( You can also find it on the Blackstar News blog.

      If you think Gov Cuomo has done a good job you need to enlighten yourself. If you do not understand why Gov Cuomo’s decision to end the Moreland Commission is suspicious and why it makes Cuomo look bad, reading “The Murder of Sunny Sheu” will help you understand.

      My experience with Family Court corruption is as follows:

      Judge Susan Larabee from Manhattan Family Court used a document that I signed SEVEN (7) months after SM Borofsky to justify NOT undoing Borofsky’s drastic reduction in child support payments. Two (2) XEROX copies of "supposed" paystubs were used to justify the drastic reduction. The XEROX copies can be produced / generated by a high school student or person with basic computer skills. Judge Larabee and SM Borofsky had / have an obligation to use creditable financial documentation such as tax return and original checks stubs. Keep in mind Both Judge Larbee and SM Borofsky ONLY used TWO xerox copies. That in of itself is disturbing. The fact that they justified such a drastic reduction (at a time when there was a COLA increase in effect) based on two COPIES, not originals, of paystubs is extremely alarming.

      This happened after I made a complain to HUD/HPD about my billionaire not for profit landlord adam weinstein, president & CEO of Phipps Houses Group. After I made this complain the billionaire landlord recruited his contractor, the infamous FJC Security Services to harass us. The “do gooder” landlord, adam weinstein, who has several social programs including ones for ex-offenders, also recruited neighborhood gang/crew members to follow, threaten, and intimidate my child and me. Why would a billionaire landlord with a "do gooder" image with programs for ex-offenders recruit gang/crew members to harass anyone, especially a vulnerable and struggling single mother and her child?

      I just recently had my court appointed attorney, Randal Carmel, removed as our attorney because of Carmel's lack of interest in the case coupled with damaging emails and statements that focused on Mayor Bill de Blasio (my billionaire landlord was being considered by de Blasio as potential appointee for his affordable housing plan). Campaign donations anyone? Are there any Straw donors available? Oh yeah, before I forget, Randal Carmel works for his father’s (Herbst Carmel) real estate company in Syosset, NY.

      Randal Carmel also works for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s NYC Family Justice Center. Mayor bill de blasio’s DAUGHTER is working or was working as an intern at the Family Justice Center this summer.

      Don’t believe me? Well, I found this information on the internet: The NYC Family Justice Center, Queens will host “The Link Between Animal Abuse and Family Violence: A Training Program” on May 7, 2014 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, featuring panelists from our Animal Law Committee, the Children and the Law Committee and the Domestic a Violence Committee. Randal Carmel’s partner is none other than Michael J. Devereaux, Esq. Member, New York City Bar Association Animal Law Committee. Mayor de Blasio, anyone from NYCLASS in the house?

      This character, Randal Camel, was removed as my attorney because of the EVIDENCE that I submitted in my motion to get him removed.

      Slandering my character is one of the tactics that my billionaire landlord is using. He is using my family to this. My family is so unhealthy that when I became a mother I decided to distance myself. What the billionaire landlord is failing to tell is that my family is extremely unhealthy. For example, a half brother of mine is a career criminal who served ten years in prison (there is much more to this half-brother that at the moment is not wise to share) , another one has been defrauding NY federal, state and city for roughly ten years and allegedly my Ivy League alumnus sister stole my child’s inheritance money. There are more characters in my family that have a close bond/association with Adam Weinstein that information has been disclosed to someone in a position to investigate…

      Mr. Bharara, my child’s life and mine are in danger because of a narcissistic and evile (evile as in evil and vile) billionaire who is determined to cause us physical harm. This billionaire has made this clear via neighborhood gang/crew members and his maintenance staff for the simple fact that I made a complaint to HUD NY and DC offices. Although I have repeatedly written and begged Gov Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio via electronic correspondence and certified letters my repeated cries for help have been ignored.

      Mr. Bharara, ask you why would a billionaire “do gooder” landlord contract a security firm that has the BAD reputation that FJC Security Services has?

      It’s time to stop these billionaires from hurting families just because they can. It’s time for billionaires to stop controlling and corrupting NY state and city courts in exchange for money or favors. It’s time to remove and jail the vile corrupt judges, attorneys and court administrators who are destroying NY because of their greed.

      Bharara, If something should happen to my child or me you know where to start….

      I normally would not write all this but my billionaire aggressor has made it clear that I have nothing to lose.

    • Kristine Craig RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA
      • 3 months ago

      This is my uncle who has been punished for doing nothing wrong. He is one of the best guys I know!!!

    • Scott Olbin FORT WAYNE, IN
      • 3 months ago

      To have the best possible judges be on the bench for our country.


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