Introduce mandatory min sentences of 10 years for knife killings
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The NSW Attorney-General and NSW government

Introduce mandatory min sentences of 10 years for knife killings

    1. Christine Burrows
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      Christine Burrows

      Sydney, Australia

On October 30th 2010, 16 year old Todd "TJ" Burrows was fatally stabbed through the heart by 18 year old Jay Cook. In May 2012, Jay Cook was convicted of manslaughter over his death.

He was sentenced to a minimum of 4 years in jail.

Picture this…your son, your grandson, your nephew, brother or other 16 year old dearly loved and adored male is stabbed viciously and fatally while defending his mate who was attacked by a group of five men. He didn’t start the fight, he didn’t have a weapon he went to the aid of a mate who rang for assistance. The judicial system believed the lie that the offender with a previous criminal record of break and enter was able to be rehabilitated because he said sorry and didn’t mean it. He claimed he conveniently ‘found’ a flick knife on the ground. After stabbing and killing the boy the 5 drove off. The boy’s friends came to help him but it was too late. JUSTICE PETER GARLING saw fit to give this offender 10 years jail with 3 years discount for pleading guilty and 4 years served on parole, after 18 months already served this murderer will be out in another 2 years.

This is why the NSW Attorney-General and the NSW government needs to act to introduce Mandatory Minimum sentences of 10 years for people convicted of killing or severly wounding someone else with a knife.

Make sure are laws are tough enough to effectively deter and punish future offenders. Prevent another family from losing a much loved son, brother, grandson and nephew.

 Please show your support for this vital law change by signing the petition.


Christine Burrows - mother of TJ

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    1. Zenton cooks statement of facts

      Christine Burrows
      Petition Organizer

      Page 4 of zenton cooks statement of facts clearly prove jay cook brought the knife to the fight He had it in the car with him. This from his co conspirator. And they won't allow me an appeal.

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    3. pre-release leave

      Christine Burrows
      Petition Organizer

      to add insult to injury they are planning on letting the killer out early to work through the week, then weekend leave...4pm friday to 8pm sunday...that takes his true incarceration down to 3 years. 3 years for taking the life of my child. What would you do if that was YOUR child???? How can i sit silently by and let this be???

    4. Facts not Media Dribble

      Christine Burrows
      Petition Organizer

      Please be aware not all you read or see on tv is the truth. Forensic police determined there was no broken bottle that TJ had as a weapon and if you believe the hype he was a awesome juggler. He apparently had one broken bottle in hand , one that he threw and hit cook in the back with and one he threw and hit the passenger in the car...My son was many things but a circus clown wasn't one of them. Also the report that cook had no weapon, well you decide how many knives do you see just laying around on the street ready and waiting to be used in self defence against someone YOU actually went from your suburb (leumeah) to his St Andrews to engage Tj's friend. We are doing letter box drops and leaving information to share the need for change...lets stop this ridiculous excuse of a legal system from continuing to let thugs walk away with a slap on the wrist. More to come

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    • Joann Evans AUSTRALIA
      • 9 months ago

      I have 4 grandsons

      • 9 months ago

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    • Mary Stuart PERTH, AUSTRALIA
      • 10 months ago

      Sentences are becoming far too lenient & the number of these people on bail/parole reoffending is catastrophic

    • Jalisa English AUSTRALIA
      • 11 months ago

      Jay Cook took a life. How is 4 years, justice to Todd's family. Losing a family member through murder is the most devastating thing to happen to a family. By giving stupid sentences like this, your killing the family over and over again!

    • caleb foote AUSTRALIA
      • 12 months ago

      he was only 16 !


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