The North Carolina House of Representatives: Reject damaging education cuts included in NC Senate's budget proposal
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The North Carolina House of Representatives: Reject damaging education cuts included in NC Senate's budget proposal

    1. Tyler Faetz
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      Tyler Faetz

The recently unveiled North Carolina Senate budget proposal for 2013-2014 represents one of the most significantly damaging legislative endeavors in the history of public education in this state. The Senate proposal undermines many previous long term investments in public education, and as such is a remarkably retrogressive set of recommendations that threaten to destabilize the vital mission of our publicly financed schools in North Carolina. It is imperative that all of us who value the institution of education speak now and implore the North Carolina House of Representatives to act with a higher regard for public education and reject the draconian measures proposed by the Senate.

Among other measures, the Senate proposal calls for the following:

- Permanently cutting more services to students while creating the false appearance of restoring $376 million to local school districts. In exchange for the discretionary cut, the Senate proposes over $354 million in line item cuts in the areas of teaching personnel, instructional support personnel, instructional supplies, school bus replacement, and low wealth supplemental funding.

-The elimination of 4,000 teacher assistants. In excess of Governor McCrory’s proposal for already large cuts to teacher assistants, the Senate has proposed an increase in cuts that would eliminate 4,000 positions.

- Increase in class sizes in critical early primary grades. Despite the research-based findings supporting the effectiveness of reduced class size, Senate language in the proposal allows for the repealing of class size ratios.

- No pay increases for public school teachers. Despite the virtual freezing of the state salary schedule since 2008 which has resulted in North Carolina’s having the dubious distinction of ranking 46th in the country in average teacher salary, the Senate proposes yet again no increase for teachers.

- Eliminate Masters and Doctorate degree pay by 2014. One of the few methods of receiving enhanced pay as a teacher in North Carolina is through the earning of a higher degree. In addition to receiving no compensation for the great expense of enrollment in graduate and doctoral programs which is already the status quo, the Senate is proposing removing all financial incentive by eliminating all salary “bumps” for teachers who have earned higher degrees.

- End tenure for all teachers. Eliminate all due process rights for teachers by placing them on one or four-year contracts. While no educator objects to the need to sustain a responsible and effective work force, superlative teachers could very easily be replaced with a younger and relatively inexpensive workforce should local budget constraints require it.

- Eliminate all funding for the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching. One of the few remaining venues for North Carolina educators for paid professional development and renewal is NCCAT. This nationally recognized program held in the highest esteem by North Carolina teachers provides some of the most in-depth and immersive professional development to be had across the state. Not surprisingly, yet disappointingly, the Senate has recommended that NCCAT be shuttered.


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    • Marilyn Kincaid ASHEVILLE, NC
      • 7 months ago

      Dear Elected Buncombe County School Board Members & NC Legislators,

      As a concerned parent of North Carolina’s Public Education System, I stand by our teachers and our children’s public education.

      I am horrified that we have teachers who qualify for WIC Vouchers, Section8A Housing, Medicaid, childcare subsidies, and are leaving NC for higher paying professions and/or teaching positions in other states. Shame on us that we allow our teachers to rank 48th in the country on teacher’s average starting salaries.

      We have to fix this and PAY OUR TEACHERS EQUITABLY and properly fund NC PUBLIC EDUCATION!

      In the VERY NEAR term, I understand that the School Board is voting this Thursday, March 6th on a resolution decrying the 25% contracts.

      I am an advocate for teacher’s pay, but NOT the 25% mandate. It is unfunded after the first year, which makes it fiscally unsustainable. This is not a bonus if you have to give something up. It is arbitrary, capricious, and unconstitutional. I, and many others, do NOT support the 25% mandate for the following reasons:

      -We want our teachers to be paid equitably;

      -This is NOT a solution to underfunding our schools;

      -This mandate is only funded for ONE year, but the county will be left holding the 4 year contracts with unfunded bonuses (This is not fiscally responsible or sustainable);

      -The 25% mandate is inconsistent in its scope (It does not define who is included? Does it apply to instructional teachers only, or does it include special education, physical education, art, music, etc.?);

      -There is no guidance on the selection criteria (Where is the transparency on how the top 25% are identified; the process will be arbitrary and different from district to district without a clear process);

      -This does NOT solve the problem of retention/recruitment of good teachers; and

      -Due Process Rights are protected property under the NC and US constitutions.

      We want NC's Buncombe County to LEAD THE CHARGE on this, NOT be left in the dust (as it has been by refusing to sign on the with over 70 counties to the NCSBA lawsuit against vouchers). The Board speaking up in favor of its teachers will improve morale.

      NC's Guilford County School Board has issued a complete rejection of the law, calling into question its constitutionality. I hope, as a Board, you will take a courageous stand and join them. Please vote against the 25% mandate on Thursday and do the right thing for our teachers, our children, and our businesses and economy.

      Thank you for your kind consideration,

      Marilyn Kincaid

      Very Concerned Parent

    • Jennifer Bradley BROWNS SUMMIT, NC
      • 7 months ago

      I believe in public education for all children and choice in which public school my child attends. I also support teachers in the education of our children, OUR FUTURE, and hope NC supports education and our teachers!!!!

    • Laurie Nelson CONCORD, NC
      • 8 months ago

      I am a teacher and I care about the children in my class. Cuts will be detrimental to all involved in the classroom.

    • Ian Kenny KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC
      • 11 months ago

      It's disheartening to learn that our representatives are so out of touch with the residents of North Carolina. In my community teachers are forced to work second jobs to pay the bills, and more budget cuts will do nothing to help them out. Teachers shape the future of our nation and yet receive such small salaries already, I get the point that you must love teaching to enter the profession but I believe much more luxuries should be afforded to those that are tasked with sculpting the future of our country. I'm unsure of the reasoning behind these decisions as we can't hope for stronger education as we cut pay and take away incentives for continued honing of the craft. In all of my classes only one scant teacher teaches out of the book and it should be humbling that students lack the resources needed to succeed.

    • Amy Harrison HARRISBURG, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      I am a 17 year teacher. I am at such a turning point in my career being paid on year 9 step...


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