The NFL commissioner owes New Orleans a "Who Dat!" apology.
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The NFL commissioner owes New Orleans a "Who Dat!" apology.

    1. Allison Bourgeois
    2. Petition by

      Allison Bourgeois

      Metairie, LA

This petition is to get the greedy self-serving NFL to cease and desist all harrassment and legal action against business owners that sell anything that has to do with WHO DAT and a FLEUR-de-LIS or any combination of and just let us enjoy and celebrate.

The NFL is bullying us into letting them get money and recognition that is not theirs legally nor ethically.

We expect an apology. You can contact Jim Henderson at wwltv.

Shame on you! You are just along for the ride and don't know and don't care what Who Dat is, what it means nor what it is really about.....

Facebook, Twitter, and and, any of the social networking and news sites are lit up with comments of your imbisilic and self-serving claim and actions....

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