The National Rifle Association: Stop endorsing Presidential candidates
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The National Rifle Association: Stop endorsing Presidential candidates

    1. Brad Penrod
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      Brad Penrod

      Peoria, AZ

I was proud when after many year I finally became a member of the NRA. To my horror, the NRA now endorses Presidential platforms. WHAT? The National Rifle Association should be trying to enact and pass laws through our Senate, Congress and state legislature. This year they have endorsed a candidate for US President, solely because of the candidate's stance on gun control. They do not care about the ideals or morals of the candidate other than their view on gun rights. This is very bad; the presidency should not hinge on this one thing. Both sides have the good and bad ideas. But, if one side is the greater bad, but are lenient on guns, that is who the NRA endorses. It is completely wrong and it is bad for our country. I move to have the NRA banned from endorsing Presidential candidates.

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    1. NRA Address

      Brad Penrod
      Petition Organizer

      Contact information:
      National Rifle Association of America
      11250 Waples Mill Road
      Fairfax, VA 22030

    2. No More Membership

      Brad Penrod
      Petition Organizer

      As of today I will be trying to resend my membership with the NRA, based on their stance of endorsing officials.


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    • Brad Penrod PEORIA, AZ
      • almost 2 years ago

      The NRA should not endorse any candidate for office; they are a lobby - meaning they try to persuade official to vote their way. NO MORE ENDORSMENTS!


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