The National Education Association: Stop allowing administrators to join the NEA, or its state affiliates.
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The National Education Association
The NEA (National Education Association) and state affiliates

The National Education Association: Stop allowing administrators to join the NEA, or its state affiliates.

    1. Robert Austin
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      Robert Austin

      Little Rock, AR

The NEA is an organization for those involved in helping the process of education. It has many members who are K-12 teachers, are involved in higher education, are students, or are involved in education, in a positive way, in other roles, and all of this is fine, and commendable.

The NEA and its state affiliates, unlike typical local teachers' unions, also allows public school administrators to join, and this makes absolutely no sense.

Whether this has always been the case or not, administrators have now made themselves, in schools all across the country, the enemies of education. They bully, harass, and intimidate teachers. They have exorbitant salaries, which prevent much-needed funding from ever reaching the classroom level, where it could actually help students learn. They eagerly participate in efforts by many politicians to break teachers' unions.

Compared to teachers, and other legitimate members, the NEA, as the largest labor union in the United States, does not need the money from the dues of the relatively small number of administrators who, inexplicably, are allowed to join, and maintain membership with, the NEA.

There are, of course, a small number of good administrators, but it is a VERY small number. The vast majority interfere with education, in multiple ways, and, for most teachers, are simply highly-paid, human obstacles to our effectively doing our jobs. If the NEA truly values education, then administrators are the last people who should be allowed to join. They teach no one, they disrupt education, and, for the few good ones who do exist, they have their own professional organizations to which they can belong.

We call upon the NEA to expel all public school administrators from NEA membership. If that is not possible, then we call upon the NEA to raise the annual dues on administrators who are members, and stop allowing administrators from joining as new members.

We call upon all state affiliates of the NEA to do exactly the same thing. 

Imagine if Walmart employees finally succeeded in their long-running efforts to unionize -- and then allowed Walmart executives in Bentonville, Arkansas to join. What would that do to this new union's credibility? Obviously, it would diminish it greatly. Allowing administrators to be members of the NEA, and its state affiliates, poses the exact same problem.

The vast majority of public school administrators, at the building and district level, are simply enemies of education, and it is time for the NEA, and its state affiliates, to "clean up their own houses" -- by ridding ourselves of these enemies within our midst.

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    2. Petition initiated Sept. 3, 2012: Labor Day.

      Robert Austin
      Petition Organizer

      Labor Day is the perfect day to begin this new petition, considering how many teachers' unions across America are being attacked by, among other people, abusive administrators.


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    • Mina Marsh FAYETTEVILLE, AR
      • almost 2 years ago

      This is a classic case of letting the fox in the hen house. You need to close the door!

      • almost 2 years ago


    • Verla Edwards SEARCY, AR
      • almost 2 years ago

      Administrators are part of the problem. They expect teachers to be perfect and have abilities beyond normal. They do not remember being in the classroom. They also expend too much energy butt kissing in order to keep their jobs. They are not on the same team as teachers.

    • Lonnie Coney MAUMELLE, AR
      • about 2 years ago

      It has a direct effect on the quality of education to our students.

    • Dan Scott MALVERN, AR
      • about 2 years ago

      The main goal of the NEA should be active INVOLVEMENT in helping in the process of education. Not having a background in actual teaching experience should disqualify someone from being eligible to be in the NEA. Loyalty to being involved in teaching our youth should be TOP PRIORITY in becoming a member of the NEA. Administrators are NOT a good representative of an effective educator....THEY DO NOT EDUCATE...THEY ADMINISTRATE!!! Someone needs to do a classification review of their job descriptions!! It's time that we get rid of the extra baggage in the NEA and appoint truly qualified members to make decisions involving our students and their futures! Ready to do some housecleaning???


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