have him get "put down'/ change his mind about what he has done
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have him get "put down'/ change his mind about what he has done

    1. Caitlyn Marshall
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      Caitlyn Marshall

      Wallingford, PA

This mailman is trying to put down the most adorable dog. When delivering mail the other day he was bit by this small adorable dog for reasons unknown.Keep in mind that this dog has never been known to bite anyone without a cause. There is now a good chance that animal control is could to take this sweet dog , cloe, away and she will be put down. please support us in our action of trying to get this ruling reveresed and instead have the mailman "put down" because who would you really rather see? a middle aged average man who hates all happiness or a aborable dog that is full of joy. the power is in your hands

the mailman
have him get "put down'/ get him to change his mind about what he has done

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    • Kayla Brown LEXINGTON, SC
      • 3 months ago

      I doubt this pup even drew blood...Maybe the mailman needs to suck it up.

      • 9 months ago

      This dog should NOT be put down! How ridiculous! The dog was doing what comes naturally, and what man expects of most dogs and that is to protect its property.

      Little dogs also are more fearful, due to their size.

      My husband has been a postman for 6 years and does come across many dogs. The people need to understand anyone going onto the property, is a invader. The dogs protecting it. If the dog is aggressive, keep it in when the mail is due to be delivered. When the door is opened to anyone in uniform, put the dog or dogs in another room.

      I agree the petition could have been better worded.


    • Linda Thomas WEST ALLIS, WI
      • 9 months ago

      A bite from such a small dog should not be reason to put this dog down. I am however, upset with the wording of this plea, to put the mailman down. That wording mocks are system and is no place for such a plea. The mailman should be more sensitive to the actions of a dog, but calling for his demise is foolish. Please Mr. Mailman, reverse this action and instead, the Post Office should require the owners to pick up their mail at the office!

    • Lisa Laidlaw LEWISBURG, TN
      • 9 months ago

      No Need to put this dog down. How ridiculous!

    • Heather Halstead ALEXANDRIA, VA
      • 9 months ago

      While I believe this petition is poorly worded and we should not be advocating for a postman to be "put down", I do believe, from a legal standpoint, if this occurred on private property or in a location which the dog believed to be her property, the case to euthanize the dog has no merit. The dog was simply acting according to her canine nature and in her mind, protecting her property and her family - her "pack." Did this dog chase him down the street, viciously attack him and leave him maimed? If not . . . how is there even a valid argument for euthanization? Exactly. There is not. There is no valid argument to kill this dog.


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