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Ex-President Clinton, Immigration, and President Obama.


    1. Maria Viveros
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      Maria Viveros

      Humble, TX

I can not help that I found a person who truly loves me. I never expected this person to be undocumented; however, it is my given right as a citizen of this country to "pursue happiness." I have persued my happiness with an undocumented immigrant who has provided for my daughter, and myself more than her documented father ever thought about doing. If I go to immigration to do his paperwork I will be scared. We live in turmoil every day. As I make dinner I wonder if my husband will join us. I drive him where ever he needs to go. We can not have a normal life because of this unlawful 10 year bar you, Mr. Clinton decided to pass back in 1996. Do you realize all the family members you have deported need money to live? Do you realize that money could be spent here instead of abroad? How many people do you think you have deported that would be contributing to this economy instead of other countries? Obama, and Clinton, if your daughters chose an undocumented immigrant to spend the rest of their lives with, could you bare to see them suffer for ten years without THEIR soul mate? I shall thing not! All I want is Immigration Reform. Something that is fair to ALL! Also, there is no easy way to assimilate to this country. Someone needs to come up with a step by step process in order for immigrants to adapt themselves to our country better. Let the application or reading material be in, "lay mens terms" (so to speak), so that everyone can understand. IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW! To many families, and children being separated! STOP THE MADNESS, RACIAL PROFILING, and the HATE!

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      Maria Viveros
      Petition Organizer

      With as many signatures I can get, it will show the upper hand we still care!


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    • Lisa Fernandez MARIETTA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      EVERYONE deserves to be happy with whom ever they choose. Noone should be deported unless they have commited a serious crime such as Dealing Drugs, rape, murder, armed robbery etc, not even for a minor petiti crime or offense. We need change ASAP!


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