Glenn Rahan Doneghy should serve out his sentence
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Glenn Rahan Doneghy should serve out his sentence

    1. Brandy Durman
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      Brandy Durman

      Lexington, KY

February 2014


Brandy Durman: Glenn Rahan Doneghy was denied parole by the Kentucky Parole Board! Unfortunately, this does not end our fight for justice since Kentucky law only allows for parole eligibility to be deferred for two years.

We will continue our fight to make sure that justice is done in this case in an effort to bring attention to the fact that in Kentucky, criminal friendly laws place the responsibility of begging for justice on the backs of crime victims.

For today however, we can all celebrate the Parole Boards decision.

Thank you for your support.

My husband, Officer Bryan Durman, was killed by Glen Doneghy on April 29, 2010 in the line of duty. After a lengthy trial in June of 2011, the jury found Glenn Doneghy guiltyof Manslaughter in the 2nd Degree (10 years), Leaving the Scene of Accident/Failure to Render Aid (5 years), Assault in the 2nd Degree (10 years)and Possession of a Controlled Substance (5 years) along with multiple misdemeanor offenses and recommended thathe serve 30 years consecutively. However, I quickly learned that Glenn Doneghy would not be serving the full sentence recommended by the jury because in Kentucky the crimes he committed can equal no more than 20 years in prison.

There is no truth in sentencing in Kentucky as I next learned that the crimes Glenn Doneghy committed are not considered violent crimes and because of that he will be eligiblefor parole after only serving 20% of the 20 year sentence.

Now, just 3.8 years after my husband was killed in the line of duty, I receive notice that Glen Doneghy's case is being considered by the Kentucky Parole Board.

I think the Kentucky Parole Board should consider that this crime, while not considered violent by the legislators and laws of our Commonwealth, involved the incredibly violent death of my husband who was out doing his job as a Lexington Police Officer when Glenn Doneghy drove at and over him dragging his body under the car as he fled the scene.

Glenn Doneghy's violence didn't stop there. He put other law enforcement officers at great risk by throwing a caustic substance on them in an effort to flee and by stabbing one officer and assaulting others as they attempted to arrest him.

The letter I received from the Kentucky Parole Board seems to indicate that there are even more ways that the system is set up to let criminals off the hook and make victims have to work to keep them in. The letter says that the only option for the Kentucky Parole Board to consider is to "defer" Glenn Doneghy's parole for 2 years.

The nightmare I have experienced since my husband was killed by Glenn Doneghy continues. Clearly, instead of holding the criminal accountable and following the jury verdict,the system is set up to place the responsibility of seeing that a sentence is served on the backs of victims.

Please join me in telling the Kentucky Parole Board that this is outrageous and that Glenn Doneghy should have to serve out his sentence!

The Kentucky Parole Board
Glenn Rahan Doneghy should serve out his sentence

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    • Richard Vanhoose PIKEVILLE, KY
      • 8 months ago

      I believe he took a life and should serve his time.

    • Ryan Bivins DIXON, IL
      • 8 months ago

      It's unfortunate that this has even come to this point. Officer Durman put his life on the line every day and finally he paid the ultimate sacrafice to protect his community. As if losing Bryan wasn't enough, now his wife and family must be put through this. Do the right thing by not only honoring Bryan Durman, but also by keeping fellow law enforcment safe. Be on the side of justice and keeping this cop killer behind bars.

    • Ruby Beauparlant JENKINS, KY
      • 8 months ago

      Because once a sentence has been given , unless they have been found not guilty , they should serve out their sentence, our streets are not safe with criminals being let out of prison early. This family has suffered tremendously and they deserve JUSTICE to be served and carried out !

    • Julie Fortner LEXINGTON, KY
      • 8 months ago

      I met him working on North Broadway and he was a genuine, nice person.

    • Shirley Johnson BEREA, KY
      • 8 months ago

      People who kill police officers should never be paroled!


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