The Iowa State Legislature: Protect Iowa's Cosmetology Industry From Deregulation!
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The Iowa State Legislature

The Iowa State Legislature: Protect Iowa's Cosmetology Industry From Deregulation!

    1. Kollan Kolthoff
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      Kollan Kolthoff

      Des Moines, United States

May 2014


Kollan Kolthoff: I am going to declare this one a victory for the cosmetology industry here in Iowa.

The petition gave me statewide recognition and the ability to start a conversation with our legislators about pro-active legislation. These legislators were able to hear my story when I testified in front of a committee that was pushing legislation that could have a dramatic effect on the cosmetology industry as we know it.

As a student at The Aveda Institute and future hair professional, I understand the importance in protecting the Iowa Licensing and Regulation laws on the cosmetology industry.  It is important that we protect the integrity and value of education in Iowa. 

Being licensed in the field of cosmetology is about much more than just styling hair. You must understand the foundations of anatomy, physiology, and chemistry, as well as the Iowa laws and regulations protecting public health and safety of our guests.  Iowa is also the forefront when it comes to hands on education. During our required education for licensure, we get much more than just classroom education, we get critical hands on experience that prepares each and every student for the real world hair industry.  

Removing these laws and regulations will allow any person, without proper training, to open a hair and/or nail salon and allow them access into distribution stores that currently are only accessible by licensed professionals because of the products that contain chemicals that can be harmful if not used by trained individuals.  

I believe in the near future, as we have seen in other states, we are going to see a war waged over regulation on the cosmetology industry in Iowa in the legislature. We must speak up and protect our licenses and our clients. We worked hard for our licenses and must let our representatives in the Iowa House and Sentate know that we must protect the integrity of the industry. 

Here are some polls released  in wake of the 2012 elections:

More than nine in ten (94%) of 2012 general election voters say they support requiring licenses, including 97% of Democrats, 92% of Republicans, and 92% of independent voters. Voters say that professional licenses protect the public as well as improve quality and safety. While support is very broad, the strongest support is from women, older voters, African Americans, and voters with low household income. 

Nearly eight in nine (88%) voters say that requiring a license protects the public either “a lot” or “some”. A majority of voters (54%) believe that state licensing helps protect the public a lot.

So it is our time to speak out for ourselves and our clients in protecting licensing requirements and the value of our education. As a State Captain for the Professional Beauty Association, I am asking for your help in protecting the future of the beauty industry. Sign and support this petiton. I will deliver it to the House and Senate leaders at the beginning of their session in January 2014. Thank you for your time and remember a cosmetologists touches more hearts than hair!  

The Iowa State Legislature
Protect Iowa's Cosmetology industry from deregulation and the integrity of education in Iowa. I believe that current licensing and cosmetology requirements protect the public in Iowa and provide every student and licensed professional with adequate real life experience needed to be successful in this industry.

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    2. Licensed Professionals, Join the I Am campaign!

      Kollan Kolthoff
      Petition Organizer

      Hello Licensed Professionals, fellow students, educators, and administrators! Join the Professional Beauty Administration's call for action in the "I Am" campaign which is a national call to action against licensing and cosmetology industry deregulation! Share you stories! Keep up the good work! We are going to hit 10,000 signatures in no time! Share, share, share! Together we can keep the regulations and licensing requirements strong in Iowa and shut down any thoughts to the contrary!

      To join the campaign follow this link:

    3. Reached 1,000 signatures
    4. Upped The Ante

      Kollan Kolthoff
      Petition Organizer

      Since the petition has been starting to take off I have decided to set our signature goal at 10,000 signatures. Share with your friends, family, colleagues, schools... we can get there together! Remember its your license, be proud of it, you earned it!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Theresa Thiesse SPENCER, IN
      • 7 months ago

      I am a salon owner and would NEVER hire anyone not licensed

    • Brenda Brown AMES, IA
      • 8 months ago

      People need the know that their stylist knows what they are doing and be comfortable in the chair.

    • Julie Merkel DYER, IN
      • 8 months ago

      my cousin is choosing this a profession and I want her to stay protected.

    • Steven Brown AMES, IA
      • 8 months ago

      My daughter goes to school for this. It is important for stylists to know sanitation to protect people from diseases and parasites.

    • Kaitelyn Barbour EMMETSBURG, IA
      • 8 months ago

      I care who cuts my hair! And my best friend has had her liscense for 8 years now. that's like saying it was all for nothing. heartbreaking for her.


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