Apologise for publishing Mira Bar Hillel's anti-Semitic column about the "tentacled Jewish lobby"
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Apologise for publishing Mira Bar Hillel's anti-Semitic column about the "tentacled Jewish lobby"

    1. Joseph Miles
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      Joseph Miles

      Oxford, United Kingdom

On the 1st of September 2014, the Independent published the following article on its website.


Whilst there are valid criticisms to be made of Israeli foreign policy, this must not be allowed to spill into criticism of Jews who may have nothing to do with, or even be opposed to, Israeli actions on the basis of their Jewish identity, and this article frequently violates this principle.

It uses "Jewish" as a synonym for "Zionist" and then goes on to allege that this lobby exerts undue control over the British government. This, according to the EUMC Working Definition of Anti-Semitism, is clearly anti-Semitic. She holds that a Jewish lobby is responsible for the misdeeds of Israel, and infers that Jews are more loyal to this state than to their own countries.

She also relies on tired anti-Semitic canards such as a "multi tentacled Israeli lobby", having previously conflated the Israeli lobby with the Jewish one.

This violates the PCC's Code of Conduct under article 12 which prohibits, amongst other things, perjorative reference to an individual's religion.

It is also worth noting that the reference to "tentacled" cliques is a classic anti-Semitic trope: Nazi propaganda frequently depicted Jewish people as octopi with sprawling tentacles grasping over the globe, and Hillel's column is an extremely offensive reference to this.

Criticism of powerful lobbies is needed in our societies- it is those who wield the most influence that must be held to account. Yet this is possible without invoking racist and prejudiced stereotypes. At a time when European Jews are coming under increased attack, this is a grossly irresponsible article to publish. The Independent must apologise.



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Apologise for publishing Mira Bar Hillel's anti-Semitic column about the "tentacled Jewish lobby"

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    • Ross Kardon PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • 1 day ago

      Mira Bar-Hillel is a modern-day capo! Israel is an ally of the United States of America, so Jewish-Americans should not be wrongfully accused of dual-loyalty. Just as Irish-Americans should not be wrongfully accused of dual-loyalty because of Ireland. Likewise, in contrast to the wrongful accusations Bar-Hillel is making, Jewish-Britons should also not be wrongfully accused of dual-loyalty because of Israel.

      These kinds of anti-semitic accusations of dual-loyalty against Jewish people, made by self-hatiing Jews like Mira Bar-Hillel, and also made by many non-Jewish anti-semites like David Duke, is the same kind of bigotry that during WW2, caused the wrongful imprisonment in internment camps of an estimated 100,000 loyal, patriotic Americans. Just because they happened to be of Japanese ancestry!

    • Guy Sela TEL AVIV, ISRAEL
      • 27 days ago

      I'm Jewish and I find this extremely offensive and hateful.

    • Richard Paris FLORENCE, MT
      • about 1 month ago

      Instead of worrying about Jewish people, why not focus on the real problem, progressives and muslims!

      • about 1 month ago

      The article was ignorant offensive and clearly anti-Semitic

    • Danielle Cohen LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 1 month ago

      I believe Mira Bar Hillel is deeply antisemitic and would like to see the Independent supporting the Jewish Community in this country by printing some balanced views when commenting about Jewish people and the state of Israel. Please stop the false media bias against Israel because it is fuelling antisemitism in this country. Jewish people in this country no longer feel safe and your newspaper and its hugely biased reporting is directly responsible for this following your hugely irresponsible reporting of this Summer's conflict in Gaza. Mira Bar Hillel does not in any way reflect the views of The overwhelming majority of British Jewry and it is irresponsible to allow her to spout her deeply offensive views.


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