Tell the IDOE to Scrap IREAD-3
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Tell the IDOE to Scrap IREAD-3

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      Jenny Robinson

      Bloomington, IN

IREAD-3 is a forty-question test that will determine whether public school students in Indiana may advance to fourth grade. It channels education dollars toward redundant assessment, not instruction, and favors retention over remediation; it is therefore a misuse of public funds.

No major decision about a child's future should be made on the basis of a single test score. Retaining students has been shown to increase the risk that they drop out of school and to have a null or negative effect on their academic achievement in the long run.

Like other high-stakes standardized tests, IREAD-3 will disproportionately punish low-income children and families. Indiana students' reading skills are already assessed continually by their teachers as well as through ISTEP+ and NWEA or Acuity. Money allocated for this test directly reduces funds available for remediation. Our tax dollars should go to local schools for literacy programs and teachers rather than to assessment overhead and testing companies.

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    • Dianna Pelsy CAPE CORAL, FL
      • 9 months ago

      A lot of people, kids and adults, have trouble taking test, even when they know the answers. That in itself makes this test very unfair. Our kids have enough pressure on them without putting this type of pressure on them. How dare you treat our kids this way.

    • Dean Pelsy FRANCESVILLE, IN
      • 9 months ago

      This test is a injustice to our kids. No kid should have this much pressure put on them.

    • Nicole Hunter RENSSELAER, IN
      • 10 months ago

      Because I have two children that have been put in this situation they are both great students and are nearly straight A students to have them held back would be not only devastating to them but also an embaresment. Kids today are already mean I couldn't imagine what my child would have to go through from other kids if they were held back. I have a friends who's child was held back because of this test. The bullying and the making fun of that he had to deal with day to day forced his mother to have to take him out of school and homeschool him. Our kids should not be worrying about this one test to determine their future.

    • Melissa Meador EVANSVILLE, IN
      • about 1 year ago

      A standardized test shouldn't be used to passing or failing. Teachers need to teach and instruct students and I don't feel that this test should set the future of an 8/9 year old.

    • leigh carter MADISON, IN
      • about 1 year ago

      Iread does not accuraely determine whether a child is prepared for fourth grade. One 40 question test should not have the weight to Change a child's life so Drastically- change his friends- his social group- his life as he knows it would be turned upside down. The pressure this planned on a fourth grade is unbelievable


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