Australian Blood Donation Pledge for Gay Men
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The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, Minister for Health
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Australian Blood Donation Pledge for Gay Men

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      Fuse Magazine

      Canberra, Australia

PLEASE NOTE: This pledge is for AUSTRALIAN GAY MEN ONLY who want to donate safe blood to save lives.

It’s time to let the Australian Government and Red Cross know just how many gay and bisexual Australian men are being denied the opportunity to give their safe blood to save the lives of others.

We want to give blood to help save lives. However, because we are men in same-sex relationships the Red Cross requires we abstain from sex for a minimum of one year before being eligible to donate blood. The Red Cross's assumption is that gay men are at higher risk of HIV than heterosexual men because we are more likely to have multiple partners and practice unsafe sex.

If, like us, you’re a man in a sexual relationship with another man, and you're confident that your blood is safe from infection and poses no risk to others, please pledge that you will be willing to give the gift of life through blood donation if Australia’s blood donation guidelines are changed.

Alexander Thatcher — Editor FUSE Magazine
Michael Cain — Gay Blood Donations Campaigner
Rodney Croome — Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group

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    2. UK : The restrictions on gay blood donors put lives at risk

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      A monogamous gay man may be banned from giving blood, yet a promiscuous straight man isn't. It makes no sense.

      Today, the World Health Organisation wants you to be a silent hero. A simple act with the power to save lives will be encouraged across the globe. World Blood Donor Day celebrates those who give blood with events in more than 40 countries. The UK goes further than most, hosting a National Blood Week that urges people to make a date to donate.

      Unless you're gay. Gay men cannot donate blood in the UK until they have abstained from sex for at least one year. This guideline was only recently introduced – it took until 2011 for the National Blood Service to recognise that there is no innate danger in someone's sexuality. Before late last year, gay men were in the same risk category as people with hepatitis and heroin addicts. No openly gay man could donate blood, ever...

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    4. French move to lift gay blood ban

      Fuse Magazine
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      Australian gay blood donation advocates have welcomed an announcement by the French Government that it will lift the ban on gay men giving blood and focus on donors' risky sexual activity instead.

      The French Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Marisol Touraine, announced the move as she gave blood on World Blood Donation Day last week.

      She said, "the criterion [for donation] cannot be the nature of sexual relations or sexual orientation. The only criterion is that of risk, and on that point we will ensure that men who have sex with men are able to give blood because that is not, in itself, a risk factor."

      Gay blood donation campaigner, Michael Cain, said the French Government's proposed policy reflects the policy he wishes to see adopted in Australia.

      "We now know it's unsafe sex, not gay sex, which puts people at risk from HIV... Read More from link below:

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