Create a mass overhaul against this corrupted child protective system.
  • Petitioned DoCs. Department of Community Services nationwide referendum.

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The Hon. Pru GOWARD MP
DoCs. Department of Community Services nationwide referendum.
Minister for Community Services and Minister for Women
Child Death Case Review Committee

Create a mass overhaul against this corrupted child protective system.

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      Concerned Citizen

      Sydney, Australia

This is a new form of the aboriginal stolen generation, happening in our day and age and all due to monetary incentive.

DoCs, CPS and the like trap many of parents out of fear of losing their children. And many parents are not aware they have rights until it is too late. This is extremely unfair to the parents who do not have any clue they have rights and their children land in DoCs/ CPS/ MCFD/ NSPCC custody because of unawareness.

Your rights should be read to you before an interrogation even begins.

The corruption in the system needs to end immediately and justice needs to be apparent for the innocent.

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    • Di Ridley AIRDS, AL
      • over 2 years ago

      cause my kids were taken when i had DNP (10 years ago) and my kids have major intellectual disabilitys and my baby at the time was taken straight from school...(3 years ago). and then they TRYED to alienate my kids from me...

    • Angelika Kraus MüNCHEN, GERMANY
      • over 2 years ago

      Accept the challenge to stop this corrupt system of child and parent and family abuse.

    • Linda bowyer BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      my baby was take becuz previous incident w my adoptive kids. they were kids w issues. i was pregnate & afraid of miscarriage. i over-reacted to heir behaviors. i regret. since than, they still to much to handle, & they were split up & even put into group home. no excuses. however, also since than i have completed 15 classes in anger & parenting. they still took my baby at hospital & gave me no due process, they violated my rights & decided day one to adopt my newborn to two ladies, one which works for dhs, in same office as cps, who took my baby. they exaggerated & lied. they broke even their own rules. bi-laws say county workers must go to another county to adopt, they did not, they cherry picked mine. they also changed his name day one, another NO-NO. later in court said, a name means nothing & did not interfer w my bond, even thou i saw him rarely & called him his birth name, as well they said no Conflict or Interest... really.. i beg to different. long list

      & i wish for change & they need to learn from their mistakes`

      7 b held accountable not protected by their secret socity.. per say.. please help bring change


      goes on. i learned from my mistakes. i had house & job & everything

      • over 2 years ago

      DoCS lied to the courts and got caught doing it, but still took my children. They are not even able to keep the court ordered contacts. They lie and twist things at every turn.

    • Christina Mulligan MAYFIELD, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing because Dos or FaCs as they are now known are in the process of trying to remove my children after I reported sexual abuse. I am being punished for reporting a pedophile. I want to know why my files have been doctored and changed why names of supporting people have been blacked and whited out. I want to know why the slander of the pedophile himself is more important than what the children are saying. Why are my children not being heard?I want to know why the pedophile is not investigated? I want to know why when you complain to all the relevant bodies nobody does anything or listens? This corruption is deep and widespread.

      I want to know why a child protection worker would want to return a child who is terrified of it all happening again back to the abusive parent? Why tell me I really cant get my head around any of this?

      I want to know how they get away with saying that you cannot tell anybody anything about the things that are happening to you?

      I want to know why a good mother is pulled apart emotionally, mentally, physically and financially destroyed ? I want to know why they trash your name? Why they interview children and tell them that if they say anything about the interview or anymore about the abuse their mother will go to jail?

      I want to know why judges allow this to happen? I want to know why children our most vulnerable in society are thrown to the wolves?. I want to know why you are subjected to phoney Psych evaluations and labeled as mentally ill.

      These people have a lot to answer for all caes should be revisisted and the children returned to their homes this is an Austalian disgrace that will long be remebered in history and those that have let this happen will also go down in history's shame file.


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