SAVE OUR SHARKS! ~ Reject the Western Australian Government's proposal to continue the shark cull for the next three years.
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Australian Commonwealth Department of Environment
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SAVE OUR SHARKS! ~ Reject the Western Australian Government's proposal to continue the shark cull for the next three years.

    1. Hannah Fraser
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      Hannah Fraser

      Ocean Shores, Australia

I ask the Commonwealth Department of Environment to reject the Western Australia Government's proposal to continue the shark cull for the next three years.   

The intended slaughter of 1,000 sharks off the South West coast of Australia is going to do more harm than good.  Sharks play a vital role in the marine ecosystem, keeping it in balance and healthy.  Scientists have articulated the belief that this cull is damaging to the environment but the WA Government has not listened.  White Sharks, Whaler Sharks and Grey Nurse Sharks have been protected for a reason.  So is giving people a false sense of safety worth the killing?  Sharks are more aware, more intelligent and more interactive that I ever expected. After learning their behaviour, I don’t find them to be so threatening and scary, yet I don’t underestimate the danger represented by being in the ocean with one of the world biggest apex predators.  After swimming with them on the ocean floor with no dive gear or protection I realized they are not interested in us as food, but as curiosities to interact with.

Decrease in large predatory sharks and other endangered species as by-catch means an increase of the species that they prey on.  As large sharks decrease, rays, skates and small sharks will increase.  This then means that the prey of these smaller animals will also decrease in numbers.  This imbalance of the ecosystem then trickles down through the food chain, through every trophic level, which then effects local fisheries and communities that depend on a healthy and functional ocean to survive.  Since the large sharks aren't present in order to keep the ecosystem in check, a healthy ecosystem will not be maintained.  At the rate that sharks are being slaughtered around the world, we can't afford another 1,000 sharks to die. 

Not only is this cull immoral, it is also illogical, with many problems that the WA Government is trying to play off as "successes."  Great White sharks are suspected to be responsible for many fatal shark bites yet not a single great white was caught in the drum lines while tiger sharks make up 95% of the sharks that were caught when they have no history of fatal bites since 1929.  The slaughter of any shark is cruel, but if the intention of the WA Government is public safety, this cull doesn't make sense since it doesn't successfully target the sharks that are responsible for fatal bites.  

The WA Government claims that this cull was successful because it has made the public feel safer in the water but this claim is not supported by any surveys or evidence that this is the true public opinion.  When there are so many Australians and beach-goers protesting along with scientists and people all over the world, it is hard to believe that the government is actually articulating the true opinions of its people.  


 Please consider the cost of losing these beautiful animals.  My awe, respect and wariness will never go away when meeting these magnificent creatures, but the unnecessary fear has washed away in an ocean of appreciation for how amazing, interactive and important sharks are and that is exactly why this cull cannot continue.


To see amazing video of humans interacting with Tiger sharks peacefully please watch :

The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Australian Commonwealth Department of Environment
Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, Australian Commonwealth Department of Environment
Reject the Western Australian Government's proposal to continue the shark cull for the next three years.

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    1. Update to the Petition to END SHARK CULLING in Western Australia

      Hannah Fraser
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Ocean lovers,
      Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your support!
      We submitted this petition to the minister for the environment.
      The amount of signatures from this petition has been a significant voice for the people. The pressure is still on, and people around the world are pushing for the rights of sharks!
      Here is a great article:
      Please keep spreading the word and sharing your voice in support of the ocean life.
      Love from Hannah Fraser

      Scientists petition WA government to end shark cull

      Hundreds of the world's top marine scientists and researchers are calling on the West Australian Government to scrap its controversial shark catch and kill policy. The state's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is assessing a proposed three-year extension of the program, but there are serious questions about the science that has gone into it.

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    • ricky proudfoot KING'S LYNN, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 days ago

      Culling sharks is unethical, unscientific and an utterly disgraceful practice

      • 6 days ago

      We cannot continually kill apex predators and not expect severe changes in the habitats they inhabit. These animals are needed in nature to control populations of prey species , without them these species will quickly become weaker and more prone to disease as the weaker sicker animals breed. Sharks need protecting from the abhorrent behaviour of mankind who is the biggest indiscriminate killer of all species.

    • Christian Schmidt BONN, GERMANY
      • 12 days ago

      Sharks are highly important to the marine ecosystem which is furthermore highly important to the cycle of life on this planet... We should treat us well and so, of course, also our environment, our living planet.

      Protection of sharks is not a specific issue but a good task to raise awareness not to exploid life and not to shit were you eat.

      I mean, these fascinating creatures, full of mythology and waiting for more astonishing scientific insights, are being killed for magic believe in the digestiv power of their fins and mostly to make a living while earning money with them... Money is a fictitious medium to gain control over individuals and even entire nations, but has no value in itself... why would you trade it for a living planet which is the sole reason of happiness, of your complete existence?

    • Simon Kriszyk BARRACK HTS, AUSTRALIA
      • 13 days ago

      I love these and ALL animals and sharks are instrumental in to eco system of ANY ocean not on our plates or such.

    • Christian Sturm WETTER (RUHR), GERMANY
      • 21 days ago

      Why? I am a resident of these World!


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