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Stop selling harmful, poisonous flea and tick products
  • Petitioned The Hartz Mountain Corporation

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The Hartz Mountain Corporation
The Hartz Mountain Corporation

Stop selling harmful, poisonous flea and tick products

    1. Chelsea Fusselman
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      Chelsea Fusselman

      York, PA

Hartz brand flea and tick solutions won't kill fleas, but it may kill your pets. After doing some research I found multiple websites and thousands of stories warning pet owners about Hartz products. In "minor" cases, Hartz flea and tick products caused pets to become lethargic and out of character, while in major cases it caused pets to be burned, lose fur, lose function of legs, have seizures, and/or die. Just on one website, there are nearly 3,000 stories of pets being harmed or killed by Hartz flea products since November 2002. That's around 300 per year, for the last TEN YEARS!! The fact that this company is still in business after all of these reports is unbelievable. It is still being sold at major retailers such as Walmart, Weis, Target, CVS, Petco, Kmart, etc. Pets rely on us to protect them, so please sign this petition to help pet owners and pets get Hartz products off the shelves. 

Go here to call, write to, or email the Hartz company. http://www.hartz.com/Contact_Hartzpet.aspx





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    • Roxanne Chinook BELLINGHAM, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I had a cat named Felony, that got very sick & from Hartz Flea product. She spent the night @ a veterinary clinic and finally came out of it. It was horrible to watch her shaking & she couldn't walk; her eyes looked so scared. I will never forget that.

    • Reila F Гудиер, AZ
      • almost 2 years ago

      150 years ago, slavery was considered ok. It was not

      125 years ago, child labor was considered ok. It was not

      100 years ago, denying women voting rights was considered ok. It was not

      75 years ago, not helping the handicapped or the hungry was considered ok. It was not

      50 years ago, racism was considered ok. It was not

      25 years ago, unequal pay for equal work was considered ok. It was not

      Today, the suffering that humans inflict on animals in the name of entertainment is considered ok. It is not

      Time to stand up for the voiceless.

    • Markie Tutwiler DAVIE, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      The flea drops made my cat sick.

    • Brian Herman ALLENTOWN, PA
      • almost 2 years ago

      We have lost our young dog a day after the collar was placed on him!

    • Larry Evinger TERRE HAUTE, IN
      • almost 2 years ago

      Our girls were POISONED by this GARBAGE back in 2008 ... This product causes permanent neurological damage & in cases where treatment is not sought IMMEDIATELY it can result in DEATH... In case of poisoning from this product.. PLEASE remember.. Get your pet into the shower IMMEDIATELY, use DAWN dish soap, call the vet, administer chicken broth (with eye dropper if necessary).


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