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Release/expunge all convicted with marijuana affiliated charges ONLY.
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Virginia Governor
Virginia State Senate
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Release/expunge all convicted with marijuana affiliated charges ONLY.

    1. Chad Camper
    2. Petition by

      Chad Camper

      Bristol, VA

Anyone whom thinks that marijuana should be legalized should sign this petition. Anyone with a marijuana charge should sign this petition. It would decrease our prison population and cut back on taxes spent for inmates. Marijuana is nothing more than an unaltered earthly herb with aphrodisiac and euphoric feelings. Less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. And still has no deaths under its belt.

Why are we prosecuting and illegalizing for something that doesn't kill? Why not ban and prosecute all tobacco products and companies? Take their money and donate it to cancer procedures and cures. Just doesn't make sense to put criminalize a natural un-altered non-manmade herb. Something that has been used for years with Native American Indians to promote peace and tranquility.

With that in mind, would it not just be cheaper and easier to let the masses self medicate themselves with a non lethal herb that promotes happiness and peace? If you agree, then sign this petition.

Chad Everett Camper

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