Put a 4 way stop at intersection of Rt 896 & Rt 841in Franklin Township.
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Put a 4 way stop at intersection of Rt 896 & Rt 841in Franklin Township.

    1. Ashleigh Frezza
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      Ashleigh Frezza

      Lake Ronkonkoma, NY


In order to prevent further injuries (and there have been many) from happening to people like Corey Beattie who suffered a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) last year and has been fighting for recovery ever since. Because the township does not own this intersection, the State of PA does, they can not do anything to improve the safety of this corner. PennDot came out to assess the intersection at Franklin’s insistence. They have applied for state grant funding to remedy this hazardous intersection for years. Each year they are denied funding. It appears that PennDot did come out to look at the intersection. It is unclear as to the length of time they spent assessing this area. It is believed that it was a day or two. The result of the study; based on the review of their engineering warrants/justifications statutes was that a multi-way stop was not warranted. They looked at a Crash Analysis from 2006-2010. The types of crashes reported are “drivers proceeding without clearance” and “running stop signs”. The results of this analysis; It was evident that drivers on 896 heading North and South were found to be exceeding the speed limit of the advisory 35 MPH and normal 45 MPH for this road. Their recommendation; Vigorous speed enforcement by State Police or local police would be the first step in making the intersection safer. (they obviously don’t know that our State Police barracks does not have the manpower to accommodate this suggestion). PennDot has also approved the current 30 x 30 sign with flashing lights warning of the cross road (841) to be replaced with a 36 x 36 sign. (but the township must file a formal request for this change and wait for the official approval and funding) They also found that traveling northbound on 896, the 45mph sign was installed too close to the advisory 35mph sign. They will add a 35mph advisory speed placard to the 45mph sign to forewarn motorists of the upcoming speed change. They will also add a Left Curve sign as well as reapply the rumble strips that are wearing thin. In regard to “running stop signs” (in reference to 841 N/S) let’s just clarify what we locals think of this label. When you approach this intersection on 841, you have to “gun it” and say a prayer in order to safely cross this intersection heading North or South hoping you’re not T-boned like Corey was as you cross because of the motorists speeding on 896 N/S.  PennDot has found that the Route marker is too close to 896 and could be obscuring the visibility of the motorist so they will move that. They will also install an additional STOP sign on both sides of 841 warning motorists that “Cross Traffic DOES NOT STOP”. (this is precisely why we need a four way stop) PennDot Engineers are planning to “REVIEW” the 896 corridor with projected improvements going to bid mid-2016. How many families will be injured in the next 4 ½ years? It costs 200,000 for a traffic light…what does two more STOP signs cost as we wait for these improvements to be reviewed?


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    • Caitlin Daugherty WEST GROVE, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Corey Beattie was one of my friends. I would not want someone else to hurt the way I know her family and friends did.

    • Wendy Pluscht WEST GRIVE, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I agree this is a dangerous intersection. Four way stop at a MINIMUM!

    • Nina Moore DOWNINGTOWN, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I grew up in the New London area and know how dangerous this intersection is. A 4-way stop sign is definitely needed here.

      • over 2 years ago

      The "crash anaylysi" reviewed by Penn DOT unfortunately involves only dry statistical numbers; it does not include the physical and emotional trauma of the victims. It is tragic in itself that PennDOT acknowledges that this is a very dangerous intersection but refuses to provide a solution. I have traversed this intersection on a daily basis for 23 years and it frightens me each time I have to "gun it and go" to get across Rt.896. Imagine the added fear when you have loved ones in the vehicle or have to teach your teenage driver how to cross an acknowledged dangerous intersection. Please PennDOT before another person is injured or killed, take responsibility and fix this intersection.

    • Olivia Paulini VIENNA, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      She is friends with one of my best friends from college, Chelsea Doubleday. Chelsea always tells me the updates on how Corey is improving. She is always in our prayers and what happened to Corey should be prevented in every way possible.


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