Please vote NO to PA's proposed HB 1077!
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Please vote NO to PA's proposed HB 1077!

    1. Sumit Patel
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      Sumit Patel

      Philadelphia, PA

HB 1077, the so-called "Women's Right to Know" Act bill, operates under the guise that women aren't smart enough to understand their own bodies. It requires all women seeking an abortion to be subjected to a mandatory ultrasound at least 24 hours in advance. It requires the ultrasound screen to be aimed toward the woman's face but 'permits her to avert her eyes' and also requires that she deliver a print of the image to her physician in order to have the procedure. The PA Medical Society and other medical groups have already come out in opposition to this incredible invasion of the physician/patient relationship. Your Representative can stop this demeaning and unnecessary attack by voting NO on HB 1077, but we need your help!

This petition is aimed at getting signatures from all those who are involved in the field of health care - students of all fields (medical, dental, nursing, PA, etc), physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners, prehospital care providers, assistants and all those who provide medical care to patients. By signing this petition, you, as a health care provider, are helping to send a clear message to Pennsylvania's lawmakers that YOU are opposed to this horrible law.

Even if you are not a health care provider, your signature will make a difference! Sign this petition and share it with everyone you know that cares about human rights and patients' rights. Stop this madness before it spills over into other areas of health care!

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    • Sara Elling PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing this petition because I believe that regardless of our own personal thoughts on abortion, we have no right to force other people's views on the subject. A women who seeks to obtain an abortion came to that conclusion after much careful thought and deliberation. I see this bill as a form of bullying women who have already rightfully made a choice that they have decided is best for them. These ultrasounds are not medically necessary, and therefore are nothing more than a form of cruel and unusual punishment. If criminals are protected from such punishment, it is only fair that women seeking to obtain a legal abortion should be protected from this practice. In addition, the practice will divert already scarce medical resources such as equipment and medical staff away from patients who actually need the services.

    • Kevin McVeigh PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      because this bill is a ridiculous ploy to try to make abortions more difficult. It will no doubt increase the cost of receiving an abortion, potentially prohibiting those who need it most desperately from being able to afford the procedure.

    • Karen Howard PORT ST LUCIE, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      In making the decision to have an abortion, many women go through considerable pain and emotional turmoil. Do not add to this. The government does not own a woman’s body.

    • Cayce Roach PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      I will not break my oath for political posturing. My patient's best interest will always be my first consideration and this law can only inflict harm on a patient.

    • Charlotte Mecozzi PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because as a woman and as someone who is obtaining her graduate degree in psychology, it is my position to protect and fight against the government (which is strongly influenced by MEN) in wrongfully trying to guilt women to not have an abortion through the use of a mandatory ultrasound. As someone who understands through my own education the anguish, guilt, pain, confusion, and sorrow that comes along with having an abortion, the last thing women need is the government forcing them to experience anymore negative emotions at such a vulnerable time. However, it is up to the government to properly educate women and men (because men are also responsible for women becoming pregnant- although this is sometimes overlooked) on the consequences of having unprotected sex, and to provide affordable services such as planned parenthood to those who want birth control, STD testing, or an abortion. Providing an education and implementing prevention programs is drastically different than forcing women to experience psychological/physical pain with an ultrasound.


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