Fire Gene Smith or Make Him Resign
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Leslie Wexner
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Tom Katzenmeyer
President, Ohio State University
Dr. Gordon Gee
Counselor to the President, Ohio State University
Dr. Herb Asher
Ohio Governor

Fire Gene Smith or Make Him Resign

    1. Michael Bridges Jr
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      Michael Bridges Jr

      Columbus, Afghanistan

The Ohio State University has been the topic of many ethic violations in regards to NCAA sports lately. We have seen a head coach leave, we have seen people punished. We have seen students fined and put off the team. We have also seen the perception of Ohio State diminish as well. We can not let this go on any further. We have to get rid of the problem. We have to start fresh and we have to get rid of the enabler. Gene Smith has proven well his tenure but he has also proved to be a failure on some things. We have appreciated his service but he has to go. We see his sub-ordinates leave but he is in charge of them. He enabled what has happened in ALL sorts and he needs to be held accountable. Gene Smith needs to resign or the Ohio State University needs to release him.

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    • Jeff Otworth WESTERVILLE, OH
      • almost 3 years ago

      By not having the foresight to see that self imposed sanctions which allowed us to play in a bowl game this year were not going to be enough, he cost the university a lot of money in proceeds from next year's "lost" bowl game and was gambling heavily in the lives of newly hired coaches and newly aquired recruits. We need more intelligence in such a prominent position.

    • Kim Garrison PATASKALA, OH
      • almost 3 years ago

      He serves on the NCAA board so he knows the rules and regulations. His teams should never break any rules while he is at the helm.

    • Columbus' Socialite COLUMBUS, OH
      • almost 3 years ago

      We have to protect the image of The Ohio State University and Ohio.


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