Impeach Judge Anna E. Worley

Impeach Judge Anna E. Worley

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This petition is important because it will bring the necessary attention to the many injustices done in the Judge's court room to the House of Representatives. She should be impeached on the grounds of malfeasance, gross misconduct, gross immorality, and maladministration. A simple Google search of this Judges name will display numerous stories and blogs of injustices done under her rulings. Our children are being removed from good homes with good parents and being used as lab rats to try new methods out. The voices of our children must be heard and in order for this to happen please sign this petition. Many children have been affected and I would like to stop the injustice for the future children that could possibly be affected. I have many facts behind my words and would love to share more For more information please visit

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      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing this petition to prevent other children and families from having to experience the same injustice that me and numerous others have had to endure due to Judge Anna E. Worleys tactics.


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