Pass a enumerated and comprehensive anti bullying bill for the state of MI.
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Pass a enumerated and comprehensive anti bullying bill for the state of MI.

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MI has been debating anti bullying legislation since 2001, and now Michigan is 1 of 4 states in the nation to NOT have a state wide anti bullying legislation on the books. 10 years now of this debate and while it keeps going on more youth are being lost to the effects of bullying in bullycides, more are losing learning and growing opportunity and are hurt verbally and physically. Senator Rick Jones and members of the conservative side of the House Education committee commented in the committee meeting that all of Michigan citizens are equal and we don’t need to start making categories by having enumeration to acknowledge what years of data shows us are identities and traits that are bias targeted and are the majority of the problem we have with bullying. By not acknowledging we are setting the example to our youth to not address inequalities and to grow up supporting lacking expecting respect for those different. We must hold all our legislators accountable to acknowledge diversity and in writing agree with accountability shown in action to our youth we expect respect in the diversity of our state, and believe in equal opportunity, freedom from fear, and fairness. Lets pass SB137/HB4163 with amendments to be added yet of enumeration.

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