Allow Same Sex Civil Unions in Michigan
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Allow Same Sex Civil Unions in Michigan

    1. kimberly  tozier
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      kimberly tozier

      sanford, MI

We dont choose who we love. Love chooses us it does not discriminate against color or sexual origin. We as Americans have to come to terms with the fact America is changing and if we want to start living happy healther lives its time to change with it.

Many years ago we thought that we would never get slavery or even womens rights turned over but with lots of support and uprising we did it. With more and more support from each other, now is the time to let us love who we love and be with who we want to be with and not have anyone condem us, including the goverment and those who think that they are above us. Its time to stop being afraid and start living the life we choose.

Our state keeps saying they want whatss best for michigan they want Michigan to keep growing stronger and be happier. This is the time Michigan, Its up to us to say This is What makes Us Happy for once Listen to US. We want the right to choose who we marry. Why should anyone on have the right tell us who we should and shouldnt be with anymore. Its time to take the stand together.

I urge you to allow gay's to meet and marry who they want, and to enact a non-discrimination policy that protects gay's. These aren't radical requests. They come from the heart of someone who does not want to see "Christian" values become synonymous with bigotry.



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    2. This just in from our state rep. Keep the pressure up on them. Thank you

      kimberly  tozier
      Petition Organizer

      Please rest assured that I will keep your correspondence in mind should any legislation of this nature come to the floor of the House of Representatives for a debate or a vote.

      Again, thank you for your correspondence. Please do not hesistate to contact me in the future regarding this, or any other matter of concern.


      Charles M. Brunner
      96th District
      State Representative

      Charles Brunner
      State Representative

    3. Decision-maker Charles Brunner responds:

      Charles Brunner

      Thank you for your recent e-mail. I appreciate hearing from concernced citizens such as yourself on the issues that matter most to them.

      Please rest assured that I will keep your correspondence in mind should any legislation of this n...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Leslye Garrett NEW BALTIMORE, MI
      • over 1 year ago

      Equality should be important to everyone.

    • Angel Bradford MIDLAND, MI
      • over 1 year ago

      because im a lesbian and i be leave that we have the same rights as men and women do

    • Vanessa Moeller SANFORD, MI
      • over 1 year ago

      Logical Love is free. Judgement of logical love is evil and wrong.

    • Amber Fochtman SPRING LAKE, MI
      • about 2 years ago

      I am in love and want to marry my girlfriend.. I think we should have the same rights as everyone else so our marriage will be reconized in our state .I don't want to have to go to another state to do it.

    • Bryan Riley MIDLAND, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Its the right thing to do, but i don't think that it should be called marriage, as that is a union between man and woman.


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