Impose Laws Dictating when a Surrendered Animal may be Euthanized
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Impose Laws Dictating when a Surrendered Animal may be Euthanized

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      Cassandra H


In Illinois there are no laws established giving animals surrendered to shelters, rights. Animal shelters may, at their own discretion, euthanize any animal that is given to their facility. They may KILL them for no reason. It cannot possibly be considered humane for our shelters to be able to commit such acts!

Though it seems most shelters impose their own guidelines for when to euthanize an animal, these guidelines sometimes fail. This results in the euthanasia of perfectly healthy, loving, and all-around great potential pets.

To prevent the loss of these innocent lives it is important for our governing body to recognize the need for such laws and impose them. Allowing shelters and animal care facilities to "do as they wish" with any animal that is passed on to them is unacceptable. Our state needs to impose laws that establish guidelines for when it is appropriate to euthanize animals!


We are looking for dedicated petition promoters to spread the word! Please feel free to pass this onto your friends and relatives. We aren't asking to revise laws; we're asking to make new ones! This is probably going to take a huge push to have accomplished, but it is possible. Please help spread the word and give these animals justice!!!

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    • Bill Ridgeway SCRANTON, PA
      • about 3 years ago

      Maybe we should start euthanizing repub governors. That way we would get rid of all the killers. Killing an animal is MURDER.

    • Sheila Demus ROCKFORD, IL
      • about 3 years ago

      I surrendered a pet to the Winnebago County Animal Shelter in Illinois. The county ordinance at the time stated that when a pet owner surrenders a pet, the pet owner has the right to choose what happens to the pet. The animal shelter told me I was required to sign permission to euthanize if they chose to do that. Thus not really giving me my right to chose what I wanted them to do with my pet. I refused to sign it and surrendered the pet. I assumed they would put the animal up for adoption. Well, a few days later I get a letter in the mail informing me they were holding my pet as a lost pet and that if I wanted the dog to come claim it. Well this really upset me because keeping an animal in a pen for awhile tends to make that animal develop attitude. So, I decided to take the dog back. When I went back to claim the dog they absolutely refused to let me have the dog. The supervisor told me that she had seen the dog and that the dog seemed very adoptable. She then went on to tell me that the only way she could get the dog unto the adoption floor was if I signed the paper. I had her sign the paper declaring they would not euthanize the dog. So, I signed the paper. I called back in a couple of days to see how the dog was doing and they refused to tell me how the dog was.......The dogs name was OREO. The dog was a beautiful black and white lab that only needed a back yard that was fenced in so he could run. He was a true friend. I do not know if the dog was given the opportunity to be adopted. But the shelter was negligent in following the county ordinance and also it seemed there were so many empty cages, instead of cages with dogs needing adoption. I was suspicious that maybe someone was dipping into the till and euthanizing the animals just to keep the cost down so they could do what ever with the money. There was an investigation started but then no one ever heard another word about it. Too many loving adoptable animals are being killed for what ever all the reasons are. Animals should not be treated as disposable items. If the adoption cost were less then there would be a lot more animals being adopted and the animals would be moved through the system faster giving more animals a chance to live. There has got to be something that can be done to make it more cost effective for the people that want to adopt an animal from the shelters and if the government could just think on this for just a few minutes and come up with a plan maybe more beautiful animals would have a chance at living. Please show love for the helpless animals and act now in helping to end this cycle of euthanasia. There are other solutions. Also, when a shelter ask the owner to fill out a profile on the pet. If that animal gets one check mark against them, the shelter uses that as an excuse to euthanize. Perhaps the animal has an infection of some sort that could be cleared up with a dose of medicine and than that check mark is no longer needed. The shelters do not care to investigate what is really wrong with the pet. They just go ahead and use that excuse to euthanize the poor animal, thus ending that helpless animals life. For the love of animals, please come up with better guide lines and solutions so that more of these little blessings from God can be adopted and live their lives the way God intended them to. This is a Mercy Mission Petittion. Please do not delay in responding to it. Innocent animals are depending on your action........

    • Agi Straková UIO, ECUADOR
      • about 3 years ago

      I think that euthanizing animals is a crime as well. We don´t have the right do decided their dead!! it cruel and selfish! if an animal is not adopted is put to sleep!! that is horribe and absolutely wrong!! The U.S. must improve animal protection laws and shut down shelters that kill animals!

    • Erin Brady CHARDON, OH
      • about 3 years ago

      Make animal protection laws better in the U.S.

    • Yvette Mcneely LOVES PARK, IL
      • about 3 years ago

      Good luck on your petition Cassandra.


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