The Governor of Denver, Colorado: Stop the ban of pit bulls in Denver
  • Petitioned Governor John Hickenlooper

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Governor of Denver, Colorado
Governor John Hickenlooper

The Governor of Denver, Colorado: Stop the ban of pit bulls in Denver

    1. Alena Wasserman
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      Alena Wasserman


This is an unfair ban that has been put into place. Pit bulls can be some of the sweetest dogs and are not born vicious, cruel, or harmful. The ban on pit bulls caused incredible strife for many owners who were forced to uproot their lives or to give up their dog to be euthanized, simply for its breed. The only reason any pit bull is harmful is because of how it was raised, which can be said for any breed. There are thousands of pit bulls that need good homes and thousands of citizens of Denver that would love to have their pet back or to give a good home to an innocent pet.

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    • Keri Kutansky NEW YORK, NY
      • 9 months ago

      because this is just wrong.

    • Amy Detore SARASOTA, FL
      • 11 months ago

      My pitt bull pups are my family! It is not fair to discriminate against them for the way they look! We will NEVER end discrimation in the USA towards people or animals ( which are part of the family now days) how can we promote equality for all races while having such a close minded law? It makes no sense and confuses kids.

    • Jacqueline Fifield GYPSUM, CO
      • 12 months ago

      It is not the dogs, but how they are treated that makes them dangerous. Any dog can be mistreated and become so.

    • Araceli Sanchez LAS CRUCES, NM
      • 12 months ago

      I'm a pit bull owner. Have 2 pit bulls myself and they are the friendliest dogs anyone can have.

    • Cheri Hodges ST GEORGE, KS
      • 12 months ago

      Someone tried to break into my daughters house. She has a new baby. Thanks to the pit bull they own, the burglar was scared away. By the way, the dog is very gentle with the baby!


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