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    1. Kwame Falo Phiri
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      Kwame Falo Phiri

      Lilongwe, Malawi

Boma la Malawi likuyenera kukana mfundo yofuna kuyenga mafuta mu Nyanja ya Malawi. Kampani yakku UK yochedwa Surestream yinatumidwa kuti yifufuze mafuta pa Nyanjayi kopanda chilolezo cha a Malawi. Zikwi zikwi za a Malawi zimadallira nyanjayi pa phindu,chakudya ndi madzi akumwa. Enanso ambiri amasangalala ndi kukongora kwa nyanjayi. A Malawi akudziwa kuti kuyenga mafuta kutayambidwa pa nyanjayi,phindu lake lizapita kunja ndipo a Malawi osauka.

“POSTAL CODE” mutha kungoikapo manambala asanu ena aliwonse chifukwa simutha kutumiza dzina lanu mukasiyapo choncho

The Government of Malawi must say no to offshore oil exploitation in Lake Malawi. UK-based Surestream has been contracted for exploration without the mandate of the people. Millions of Malawians however, rely on the lake for food, income, and drinking and cleaning water. Even more take pride in the lake's unparalleled beauty. Malawians know that were oil to be developed in the lake, Note: when signing this petition online on the postal code column,you can just put any five digits of your choice because it wont work when you leave it blank. profits would be shipped abroad and an already poor population would be left stripped of their most precious natural resource. The time has come for the government to say no.

Note: when signing this petition online on the postal code column,you can just put any five digits of your choice because it wont work when you leave it blank.

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    • sheila mtuwa SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 months ago

      Natural preservation, the only source of water in malawi, its envirnmental genocide, it is a premediated genocide to malawian people because if anything goes wrong malawi has got no other source of water ..millions will die, malawi can benefit from tourism more than this greedy approach that only benefits a few ..that is not a concept of democrac..the idea is fraud.. lake malawi is a preservation area from the eighty's .. it is an illegal project

    • Danny Badger LILONGWE, MALAWI
      • 8 months ago

      Malawi is my hope. I don't want to see it ruined.

    • Francis Chilalika PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA
      • 8 months ago

      The Oil Company involved does not care what happens to people's livelihoods when the environment is destryed, but I do because I have grown up in mangochi, Likoma Island and Nkhotakota, depending on the lake.

    • Daniella Kawamba NOVI, MI
      • 8 months ago

      For Malawians living in Malawi and those living abroad, the beauty of Malawi's many lakes is a point of great pride. On a less aesthetic level, these lakes and most importantly Lake Malawi, provide a living and an essential food source for so many lakeside dwelling Malawians. Choosing to drill oil in Lake Malawi puts both the incredible biodiversity of the Lake and the wellness of those living along Lake Malawi's shores at great risk. Although it is understandable that Malawi is a poor country and would benefit from oil, I don't believe that Malawi being an oil producing country is a progressive idea. There are many other oil producing countries who are still very poor, with only a small percentage the wealthy who through oil, only get wealthier. Additionally, in this 21st Century, the alternatives to oil such as wind and tide energy are methods that are more akin with Malawi’s natural image. It would be of great pride for me and for many other Malawians to belong to a country that is not only beautiful, but one that cares about the long-term well being of its people, and one that does not blindly follow old and unsustainable methods, but one that leads in new, innovative and most importantly preservative methods.

      Those who are in positions to make such choices should not be looking at what has already been done, but should be looking at progressive and innovative ideas to provide energy and bring money into the Malawian economy. The focus should not be the successes of others, and it should not be solely on money. The focus should be on today’s generation of Malawians, how to provide them with a clean and efficient source of income and everyday wellness; the focus should be on the future, not just the next five years, but on the next 10, and the next 20 and beyond that. What kind of country do we want Malawi to be? What kind of atmosphere do we want our children to live in? The choices made today need to take into account the pride and independence of Malawi.

      I am against the drilling of oil in Lake Malawi and any lake in Malawi. I am against this because oil is not sustainable, it is a danger to the natural beauty of Malawi, and it poses a dangerous risk to Malawians depending so heavily on the lakes. The facts say that Malawi is a poor country, several times in a decade we go through times of hunger and the last few years have been laden with inflation. Sure, oil can bring money into the economy, but at whose expense? The lives the common Malawian? The wealth will get richer through such oil deals, but what matter to me, even more than my pride for my homeland, even more than natural beauty and natural preservation, are my brothers and sisters who will taken advantage of and who’s daily provision is at risk.

    • Julie Hay WINNIPEG, CANADA
      • 8 months ago

      Because not only do I care about water as a PRECIOUS resource, I also care about the entire ecosystem that comes with it.


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