Endorse compensation for 1898 Wilmington Massacre victims
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Endorse compensation for 1898 Wilmington Massacre victims

    1. Larry Reni Thomas
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      Larry Reni Thomas

      Chapel Hill, NC

The Wilmington, North Carolina Massacre of 1898 was an armed attack led by a heavily-armed mob of white men on the black population of Wilmington, North Carolina. It was also one of the only examples of the overthrow of an existing city government in the history of the United States. Many of the city's prominent black citizens were run out of town and told to never return. As a result, their properties were taken when they weren't able to pay their taxes. There were also countless numbers of black men killed, some shot in the back. The International Organization For Compensation and Reparations for the Victims of the Wilmington Massacre of 1898, Incorporated (ICROW, Inc.) would appreciate your signature on this petition in order to show support for our attempt to right a wrong.

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