The First National Wild Seed Harvest
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The First National Wild Seed Harvest

    1. christopher diamant
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      christopher diamant

      Solebury, PA

Dear Sir or Madam;

I have started my petition for the "First National Wild Seed Harvest" which would take place in our national parks and forests; collecting wild seeds from the seed bearing trees; paid for by the Federal Government; a brilliant idea; by one Kyrle Frying as the founder of the "Sons of New Philadelphia"; a democratic grass roots organization of which I am the secretary.

This project is thus of one real agenda: that of having people put to work as added to the workforce of the Rangers and other Park Employees by taking their places as harvesters of our seed - bearing trees; especially the native hardwoods and fruit bearing trees.

These employed workers in the National Works Project would earn $21.60 a pound for all collected seeds in the Harvest; and would thus make a living wage; in the Big Tent we would build in every National Park that participated in the Johnny Appleseed Project. All would live together and work in three month shifts; thus the regional goals would rotate for planting and harvesting; year round.

thank you;
christopher witt diamant

Sons of the New Philadelphia

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