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The fight to improve our WWE Game's quality, and better our treatment.

    1. John Bonham
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      John Bonham

      Cortland, NY

"What we have here, is failure to communicate"


From the age I was old enough to watch the WWF, to the age when I was albe to hook up my own game systems without even needing the instructions (Ages 5 and 6 respectively), I've had nothing but an undenying love for both video games and the WWE/F. I've owned pretty much every wrestling game going since then, starting at WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game for  the original Sega, till THQ's WWE '12 for the Playstation 3. Looks like that might be the stopping point. Perminantly.

Now, after last year's game fiasco, with all the trouble THAT game had, and with the settling in of the Community Managers (It being their second year in the community), one would think that things would be better. Nope. Things got expidentially worse. But Lets start at the begining shall we? I'll try and make this short and sweet, while informative.

With an already bad taste in our mouths from WWE Raw vs. Smakdown 2011, with missing/locked out moves, entrances, and the list goes on, THQ had the Communoty Managers start hyping this "New Franchise" that was going to arise. They like they always have, asked us all sorts of questions about what us, the wrestling game community, would like to see in the next game. Well, that apparently was mistake, regardless of wh's fault it was. This ended up being everything that wasn't included or taken out along the way. Moves, Superstars, entrances, props, game controlls, AI, and a whole slue of other assorted modes and advancements were sadly, either non-existant or taken out. Now, I will say that eventhough THQ has taken things out before they were still on the disc, just locked, so you could see they tried atleast. This year? Nada. 

Well, thing progess, and while the hype continues and we all start to pre-order for the bonuses that are given out free for doing so, THQ continues behind the sceens to undercut things and almost sabatage the game. When the game came out, when people tried to access the online portion of the game (Run on newly bought servers private to THQ after switching from Gamespy, though they were serviceable), noticed that it didn't work. So, we delved into the other parts of the game, only to find out, that the rest was as horribly glitched as the online portion. Superstar's personalized commentary lines were missing, Story Designer was a mess, some first day DLC and later DLC was/were and still is/are untrackable in Universe mode,  the AI is poor and unchalenging, Create A Superstar mode is even more restriced than ever and so on.

We, unhappy with the product andwanting answers, turn to twitter, the wrestling game forums we are apart of, basically anywhere we knew the THQ Community Directors would be to ask for help and air our questions for the games. We got "Well, just keep telling us when and what you have problems with, we'll check and get back to you", many times without an answer. While things got progressively worse, THQ finally anounnced a patch to fix the problems with the game (2 months later!). On Jan. 30th, 2012 they deployed a patch, that failed to fix anything. Infact, it made things even worse that they already were. It damaged systems, it made online virtually inaccessable, It seriously hurt other functions of the game, and to boot, it even took away the one and only beneficial glitch to the players, where in CAW mode, you could bypass the censor system on the crotch of trunks for males and females, and the chest of females to place logos there without the game bluring out parts. 

As of now, we've recieved nothing but vague "We're working on it, will get better over the coming weeks" messages and updates, that never seem to be true. Nothing's been fixed, and we're all sure nothing ever will. At this point this guy (Me) won't ever buy another WWE videogame with THQ's logo on it for aslong as it takes until THQ can make a product that isn't somehow faulty, or until WWE realizes that they get 10th class treatment from THQ and move it eslewhere.

The co-signers below agree to the same. We've had it with THQ and we've had it with this game. We've been shown nothing but a complete lack of respect, and quite franly, I'm pretty sure the product as is, is illegal on several grounds. Not only did they falsely advertise features to work that didn't, they also charged for DLC advertised as free, and because every game disc will have the same problem, there is no exchange or refund that can be made, or has been offered.

Wake up THQ,and WWE Games Division. Until you get rid of THQ or THQ proves they can make a suitable product, we, the below signed, hereby boycott the WWE Games title until the bove criteria are met.

I'm restarting this and leaving it open ended so as if WWE 13 is of the same poor quality as WWE 12, people still ahve a chance to speak out. 

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    • DJ Dawghouse CHICAGO, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      WWE 12 and 13 suck, and enough is enough, and its time for a change!

    • StormsWarning tyler CLEVELAND, OH
      • almost 2 years ago

      It is important because if we the consumer allow one company to get away with there failure's/ so called misunderstandings, there will be other company's who try the same in the future. There have been many games that have needed a patch after release, which is understandable, but it's another when a company/ dev team goes out there way to say one thing, but then to turn around and say things weren't meant to run this way or things were meant to do this instead is another, madden 13 is another prime example of this false advertising, lets face it, games in this generation are not cheap, they weren't back in the Atari days either, but one thing i can say about the old days of developer's and this generation, they cared about there product back then, sure the dev's of now can say they do, but when you get games like madden 1, wwe 13 and others that have clear cut and dry glitches, you can't say they tested the game well or took time to look at there final product. take games like skyrim or mlb the show 12, nba 2k13, uncharted series, yea all those games needed patches to, but guess what out of the box each and everyone was at least playable, you didn't have what i like to call game killers, that meaning if you purchased a game and out of the box you didn't enjoy it, and then to take it a step further the company's that sell these products such as a game stop will not let you even return the game for its full price, instead you'll get half, then they say well you opened it, so its yours, so then your stuck or take the lesser of two evils, so for me im sticking with my 12 versions until the dev's can show they do care, and until then i will not support gaming company's that dont deserve it. i signed this to show my support to the consumers/ gamers not the company, because clearly over the years we the consumer's have been fed with a long spoon, now its there turn,


    • Luke Monet AUSTRALIA
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a long time gamer, and a huge fan of the WWE Games, yet THQ's recent ones have been dreadful! I want a change!

    • Damussman 2012 wouldn't you fire THQ EA SPORTS NEED TO TAKE OVER WWE GAME TITLES, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      THQ has continued to drop the ball with the WWE gaming series. Bad servers even worse freezes and glitches....What's worse is they make stupid game achievements for people where they are required to upload each feature to CC to get trophy and then they screw fans over now by saying eventhough you are required to do such we've decided to delete anything you have up that doesn't get downloaded by others as if we the user can control what other gamers choose to download or not.

    • Andrew Howard AUSTIN, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      WWE 12's servers ruined it for me..


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