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change the Dublin II accord.Help Malta!Help African Immigrants!

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      joseph hall jr

      baltimore, MD

european law states if you land on a country then you must remain there.Malta is a very small country with not very many inhabitants and is on the verge of financial ruin.Malta also lacks the needed resources to take proper care of such a large influx of immigrants not to mention they dont have jobs for the people.The housing they have for such a massive amount of people borders on inhumane.give these people the chance for a better life and to be able to provide for their families.Allow them to become a citizen of other european union member states.Please provide some financial assistance to Malta.Immigrants from Libya,Syria,Somalia,and Sudan have fled from war to find peace and tranquility so please dont keep them in such a substandard environment.Open your hearts and doors and give these people the freedom they rightfully deserve.

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