Stop ACTA. Save freedom of speech.
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The European Union, Canada, Mexico, The USA and many many more.
Stop ACTA!

Stop ACTA. Save freedom of speech.

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      Jamie Craddock

      Coburg, Germany

The treaty will restrict fundamental, civil and digital rights, including the freedom of expression and communication privacy.

ACTA would require that existing ISPs no longer host free software that can access copyrighted media, and DRM-protected media would not be legally playable with free or open source software

Sites like Youtube, Twitter, 9GAG, 4Chan, Funnyjunk and Youtube will cease to exist, and almost everything you do will be monitored, will you stand for this?

We are legion.

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    • Colleen McDonald WALTHAM, MA
      • over 2 years ago

      DRM's are terrible for charities, donations to charitable organizations that will accept used games and DVDs are unable to help children in poverty experience the gaming industry or watch donated classic movies when the DRM codes restrict new owners from using them.


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