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The Commercial Music Industry, Film and Radio Networks Stop Destroying Our Youth by Promoting Drugs, Gangs, Sex and Violence

    1. michael  thomas
    2. Petition by

      michael thomas

      grand rapids, MI

The purpose of this petition is to severely reduce the amount of commercial music promoting gangs, sex, drugs, violence and ignorance. Hip hop music being promoted by major corporations has lost its conscientiousness over time, becoming a recipe for self-destruction for those who listen to it. Talent no longer matters as much as image, and most of the imagery is entirely negative.

Artists have tried to speak up on the issue, but with very little success. Even the rapper Too Short, after being challenged for his XXL video promoting violence against women, said that executives have told him that he should continue degrading women and focusing on negativity in order to increase his record sales.
Artists are told to trade in their souls in exchange for money and fame, and too many of them are taking the money. As a youth, I grew up wanting a piece of the so-called success, but I had no idea how costly this success might be.

Our community has abandoned the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King and instead is pursuing a nightmare that consists of irresponsible sex, killing one another, remaining ignorant, joining gangs and using drugs. Most of these goals are fueled by the music our kids are listening to every day on the radio. This petition is a call for something better. I hope you will join us in this fight.


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    1. Never a failed effort

      michael  thomas
      Petition Organizer

      All of you amazing people have what it takes to make a better future for our children. I want to thank you all for your efforts and let you know that I am continuing my effort to create a better future for us all.

      Recently I wrote a new petition that will allow veterans such as myself to start businesses using the money from their G.I. Bill. If you just know a veteran this petition can help you because that veteran can start a business and hire you. I will also ask that it can be used as a bailout for veterans in tough financial situations or homeless. We served and did our part It's time we get the recognition we deserve.

      The fight goes on


      Sign , share or do both


    2. Reached 1,000 signatures
    3. 1st radio interview

      michael  thomas
      Petition Organizer

      We have begun to earn more attention to our cause. We are approaching our next goal of 1000 and we will hopefully gain more momentum again to reach millions. I can still use petitions leaders. Your only job would be to re-post the petition on your social networking sites (facebook, twitter) a few times and if you would like, reach out to public figures in your area to gain our petition more support

      Below is the link to the radio interview with Scotty Reid on Black Talk Radio News featuring myself and Minista Paul Scott

      (click the "more at blogspot" link....)

    4. Become Petition Leaders In your City /State or Country. Contact Me

      michael  thomas
      Petition Organizer

      Because music and media Is accessible worldwide, I am asking that my supporters that feel as strong as I do to contact me by facebook or E-mail. This way we can strengthen awareness and involvement in our own communities and put our minds together as we come to a solution for this problem. I would like to hear your ideas as well because this is our music that is being manipulated by people who know the strength of music and how it effects our neighborhoods

      You can reach me at

    5. Reached 750 signatures
    6. We almost have 500 signatures so I have sent e-mails to labels

      michael  thomas
      Petition Organizer

      Now that we are making a good pace I have made some of the top labels aware of us. It is our duty to make it count. You were inspired to sign the petition I have no doubt that you have the courage to copy and paste the link to this petition on your facebooks, twitter accounts, and e-mail listings. They have forced us to listen to them, It is time that they listened to us.

      Michael Thomas

    7. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Lauren Laureatte DAYTON, OH
      • about 2 years ago

      ...because it is overdue. The condition of Africans in America needs improvement and the most effective way to improve it is by bettering our image in the media.

    • Kathy Brown ORANGEBURG, SC
      • about 2 years ago

      I am signing because I believe that music was create to inspire, motivate and educate, but it has been used to degrade, humiliate and paralyze. I believe it is time we take back the music industry and save people from the destruction that the hip hop culture today is creating.

    • joy m JAMESBURG, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      my daughter Miranda Writes is the difference in Hip Hop...been a difficult turn for most executives to embrace. but dont worry she will be the reason our youth has a positive emcee with a message for our youth today

    • Philip Thurmon CHICAGO, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      I have a 16yr old son, and he recently caught his 1st criminal case. He was charged with Aggravated UUW, after being stopped on the beach and the police recovered a Ruger 9mm from his waistband. I have been through enough criminal activity and incarceration, and have told my children they never have go through any of it; but if they do, it won't be because they didn't have factual information that could have deterred them. The influence of media, whether it's music, movies, tv, or even social media has strained the parent/child relations in some families. My son was BLESSED to have had the case dismissed, and he's now back in Mississippi; but because he still has access to and wants to be a part of the so called gangsta rap culture, he is still at risk. WE can't keep the sheltered from life but, if we can offer them the same chance we had; the ability to make informed choices w/o false images of granduer, maybe they'll have a chance...

    • Jeffrey Johnson PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      Making music is like making movies. Reading and comprehension are two different components of understanding, and a lot of our youth just don't get it. Read the Educational statistics of fourth (4th) to eight (8th) graders and overstand.


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